Lagos and Paris, July 15, 2022 — Boom, a new social e-commerce platform that enables consumers to buy, sell and pay for everything online without a bank account — thanks to the power of blockchain technology and a native token called Multicoin (MTCN) — is going live and offering the opportunity for qualified investors to acquire MTCN.

Today, 1.7 billion adults — including 1 billion women — in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and certain parts of Europe and North America have no bank accounts and are thus excluded from the global digital economy. They represent 35% of the world’s adult population and are currently out of the reach of global brands and merchants, despite their untapped purchasing power. Boom is a social e-commerce platform that enables everybody to buy, sell and pay for everything online without a bank account and without fees.

Boom is a blockchain-powered ecosystem that connects the 1.7 billion unbanked in the world — as well as those seeking a safe, no-fees alternative — to existing commerce, global brands and merchants that now have a new sales channel to address this neglected audience.

Boom consists of an e-commerce marketplace: a native ERC-20-protocol token, MTCN, which is the sole medium of exchange on Boom as a built-in wallet for payments; secure text, audio and video messaging for communication; and social media for community building and management.

“Boom is fulfilling Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream of financial inclusion for all by bringing crypto to the masses for use in commerce for everyday goods and services,” states Peter Alfred-Adekeye, Boom founder and CEO.

Boom was successfully launched in Lagos, Nigeria, on June 30, 2022 and in Paris, France, on July 12, 2022 to a limited number of pilot merchants and consumers. Boom will be launching in Ethiopia, Congo, Egypt, Morocco, Angola, South Africa, Indonesia and Argentina in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Boom will be available worldwide for free on Apple iOS and Google Android app stores in October 2022.

To inject liquidity into the ecosystem, Boom will be offering a limited number of MTCN to qualified investors between July 18-31, 2022.

MTCN is an ERC-20-protocol utility and governance token built on the Ethereum blockchain. MTCN is Boom’s native utility token that transmits value between transacting parties within the Boom ecosystem. MTCN is required to process all transactions within Boom. Moreover, governance rights are attached to MTCN, allowing holders to participate in decisions regarding the Boom development and technology roadmap.

All prospective qualified investors satisfying Boom investment requirements are invited to connect to the Boom investors’ page at for more information and confirm their intention by emailing

About Boom

Our mission at Boom is to provide the world’s 1.7 billion unbanked consumers, as well as those seeking a safe alternative to traditional commerce, with the unprecedented ability to buy, sell and pay for everything online without a bank account — fostering financial and business inclusion for all, thanks to the power of blockchain and a native token called the Multicoin (MTCN). To ensure a safe and secure ecosystem, all users on Boom are Know Your Customer-verified at signup. Boom is maintained by Boom Foundation.

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