Nonfungible tokens continue to be the focus of the real world. As a star gaming and decentralized finance (GameFi) project on HECO, Nextype stands out by virtue of simple game logic, high playability and a unique economic model.

On Aug. 16, Nextype cooperated with HECO to launch the Lucky HECO event, where participants could make a wish to win NFT rewards. Nextype will provide rich NFTs valued at more than $180,000 for this event, including the first NFT of Hanazawa Kana, the top star in Japan. Users can log in to the home page of Huobi Global to participate, and NFTs will be airdropped to the winners’ wallet addresses after the event.


Nextype will provide 100 Hanazawa Kana NFTs valued at $58,800 for this event. As a well-known star in Japan and even worldwide, Hanazawa Kana has an undoubted influence. She has voiced many anime series, such as Monogatari, Cells at Work!, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Your Name and so on, with more than 400 million fans in the whole network. She is known as “Japan’s first voice actress” and has won many awards.

In addition, Nextype will also provide rich NFT game props in its initial game MiningTycoon, which will offer players unique collection value and game profits. With these beautifully designed NFTs, players can gain more revenue in the game.

Nextype has been exploring the Japanese intellectual property market. This strategic cooperation with Hanazawa Kana and HECO will provide a strong basis for future governance and game asset circulation, which is a key step in Nextype’s comprehensive ecological layout. In addition, the NFTs of high-quality IP will further help to improve the ecological value of Nextype (NT). This strategic cooperation will further improve and enhance the value of NT, which will help to realize the rapid growth of ecological benefits. The NFT cooperation between Nextype and Hanazawa Kana is only the beginning, and there will be endless surprises in the future.

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