Kitsumon, a multiplayer online battle arena game, has reported its successful initial NFT offering (INO) presale that lasted from Jan. 10, to Feb. 9, 2022. 

The presale took place on several highly rated and respectable launchpads, including CyberFi, YAY Games, 0xBull, Synapse, Gamestation, NFT Stars and Swappable.

During the presale a total of $1.5 million in NFTs were sold and more than 11,487 Mystery NFT boxes. Thursday, Feb. 10 was the big day that owners could begin revealing what they had obtained. Dubbed #KitsuReveal, it was accompanied by a lucrative Gleam campaign that is still ongoing until Feb. 24. Those who have obtained mystery boxes are encouraged to enter a video entry-based competition. 

James Kirkby, chief technology officer of Kitsumon, said, “I am overwhelmed and proud of the results of the INO presale that we have completed — showcasing the strength of our team and the belief projected toward us from both our launchpad partners as well as the community we are building worldwide. This is just the start with so much still to come. But a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone involved and those out there that are being a part of something truly unique and special.”

These comments and the presale itself also come after the token generation event of the KMC token back in December 2021, showing the project’s upward trajectory path. Kitsumon is now well into the public-auction phase of its NFTs, where anyone can bid with KMC to purchase their favorite Kitu. Some of the rarest NFTs are selling at more than 4.5 times the floor price. The overall results will be presented after the public marketplace sale on Feb. 24.

Stay connected to Kitsumon for further updates, including the highly anticipated egg hatch event coming soon, via social media: