Blockchain technology has recently become the industry choice, into which everyone wants to penetrate. A significant use case is nonfungible tokens. Their explosiveness has grown by leaps and bounds, rewarding early supporters with lucrative rewards. One of the fascinating use cases of NFTs is in the gaming sector. The demand for visual entertainment has increased over time. As a result, NFT esports and gaming platforms have garnered massive attention, with mainstream celebrities joining the NFT craze.

2CrazyNFT is a blockchain-based intuitive NFT esports and gaming platform driven by creativity and technological innovation to unleash the potential of online gamers. Over the course of several years, the gaming sector has expanded in volume, providing gamers with increased visual stimulus, creativity, gamification and satisfaction. 2CrazyNFT employs an auction-based mechanism allowing users to ask and bid with native 2CRAZY tokens to participate in the game. The winning party earns an NFT that can be later traded or resold to capitalize on the products through the 2CrazyNFT platform.

In the quest to drive the platform’s significant product developments and advancements, the electrifying team at 2CrazyNFT has successfully closed its seed and private funding rounds with extensive support from leading investors and prominent venture capitalists in the blockchain space.

The rounds were led by well-known names, including DCI Capital, DTS Capital, AU21 Capital, Supertarget Capital, Exnetwork Capital, GD10 Ventures, Tidal Ventures, Magnus Capital, MXC, MDA Capital, Minted, Chain Ridge Capital, Designated Capital, Blocksync, Megala Ventures, Orion Protocol, GTA Ventures, Ignition, Clouds Capital, X21, Stakely, Twin Apex Capital, Chronos Ventures, Wings Foundation and many more.

Incentivizing users to participate in gaming platforms

The recent growth in NFTs shows plenty of excitement in the cryptocurrency community regarding the platform launch of 2CrazyNFT. As its name suggests, 2CrazyNFT is all set to drive the gaming ecosystem crazy by incentivizing users to play games.

Traditionally, users used to play physical games as a source of entertainment and relaxation. However, with the growth of revolutionary technologies, gaming has become a source of passive income for gamers. Although the idea of playing traditional games is undeniably appealing and fulfilling, online games provide a gateway for participants to overcome boredom, allowing them to make something in return.

The platform allows users to start an income stream and will enable them to choose their opponents fairly and transparently through an auction process. With a high level of gamification, 2CrazyNFT is keen on launching various giveaways, lotteries and reward programs when the NFT esports platform is live. Furthermore, the intuitiveness and efficient payment gateways of 2CrazyNFT make it easier for novice users to indulge in the happenings of the platform.

With the extensive growth in the ecosystem, it seems likely for gaming to soon transition toward mainstream commerce due to its utility. Also, 2CrazyNFT is gearing up for activities on the product and marketing dimensions. It is working toward introducing community building and engagement activities on its social channels. 2CrazyNFT also curates excellent content to educate its community about the upcoming platform and its unique value propositions.

Imbibing core values of technological innovation, the 2CrazyNFT team is working toward providing a solid alternative to the pre-existing traditional gaming industry to release lucrative and unique NFTs on its platform. The development team is set to put together a high-definition experiential platform to outpace the players in the blockchain gaming industry.