July 25, 2022 — Prom, a multi-tool gaming nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace and rental solution, has acquired HWC Studio, a newly formed blockchain gaming studio.

Recently, Prom announced an ambitious change of concept: becoming an exclusively game-oriented, multi-functional platform to solve the problems of the ever-growing NFT-gaming community. Prom believes that this is the best time to enter the industry, thanks to the simultaneous mass adoption of cryptocurrency and the rise of gaming.

By acquiring HWC Studio and combining the studio’s expertise in creating top-notch software solutions with Prom’s deep knowledge of market needs, Prom asserts its goal to spearhead a new generation of blockchain games and revolutionize playing processes. Prom and HWC Studio will team up to create brand-new NFT games. Details will be revealed soon.

“As of early 2021, the Prom team has been excited about rising gaming use cases in Web3. We always thought that retail focus, gamification and financial incentives serve as [the] three pillars of attracting adoption to any [decentralized application]. With our recent rebranding into the GameFi field, the release of our own marketplace and rental solution for gaming assets, and the support of game guilds and early-stage games, we are fully committed to making our contribution to the development of this rising field. That’s why we are joining forces with HWC Studio. This acquisition is a consequential next step in our effort to combine our experience and energy to bring future quality games to our audience [for] further blockchain adoption worldwide. We’re taking action to shape NFT-gaming in line with our bright vision of the industry’s future,” said Vladislavs Semjonovs, co-founder of Prom.

About HWC Studio

HWS is a turnkey studio with broad expertise from cross-platform, full-stack development to smart contracts and integration. HWC tackles all kinds of challenges concerning game development and comes up with optimal solutions based on set goals. 

“You may say we’re witnessing a revolution now. It’s amazing how blockchain technologies have completely changed the common perception of gaming. Definitely, there is a lot of space to grow, and teaming up with Prom is a vital step toward creating revolutionary Web3 projects,” said Sergey Prokazyuk, CEO of HWC Studio.

About Prom

Prom is a multi-functional, decentralized NFT-gaming marketplace and rental solution. Prom’s main features include renting, lending, mortgages and a launchpad and decentralized exchange for metaverse assets. Thus, the ecosystem is sure to accommodate players, NFT owners, guilds and games.

The platform is secured by innovative technologies such as Safe Vault, a Gnosis-based smart contract wallet that keeps gaming assets secure, prevents theft and simplifies the process of acquiring assets.

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