In 2021, NFTmall has become one of the first crypto projects that claimed to turn the NFT market into an accessible marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. Founded for NFT creators, collectors and enthusiasts, NFTmall enables a fully autonomous and loyalty-driven process of making a deal on the NFT marketplace.

NFTmall has presented a simplified solution for content creators who aim to enter the NFT market and get rewarded for their artwork. This decentralized, creator-centric project is powered by DeFi and e-commerce and offers many features, such as NFT materialization and NFT redemption with various physical objects like canvases, clothing, collectible cards, etc. 

Furthermore, the project has also developed the unique NFTmall 3D, which is a Decentraland-inspired virtual marketplace. NFTmall 3D will offer such 3D works as collectible-card nonfungible tokens, gaming items, rare NFTs, audio NFTs, physical NFTs, 3D NFTs and more.

In turn, NFTmall’s native cryptocurrency, GEM, has become an asset for performing any transactions both within the ecosystem and in some secondary markets in the most cost-effective manner. This token will be used to auction NFTs and to auction off advertisement slots on the marketplace. GEM empowers content creators to have a number of benefits, including:

  • GEM being compliant with the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Supported by some secondary markets.
  • Marketplace and liquidity mining, staking for rewards, such as Binance Coin (BNB), governance, NFT drops, or ranking higher on the smart sorting engine.
  • With GEM, anyone can buy, sell, earn and own NFTs with ease.

The project has already held a seed round and two private rounds A and B, which successfully sold out in 20 minutes, two minutes and 10 minutes, respectively. The price of GEM increased from $0.4 during the seed round to $0.55 and reached $0.6 during private round B. The capitalization of the project has increased from $80,000 to $540,000 as well. 

Two public sales and a listing will be available in the near future on PancakeSwap, the biggest decentralized exchange on BSC.

NFTmall is going to introduce the NFTmall IDO Launchpad and other ground-breaking features, such as NFT lending, borrowing and fractional ownership. Also, the platform will implement access for non-crypto users via NFTmall’s payment gateway.

The NFT market allows content creators, such as artists, designers, musicians, photographers and others to tokenize their artworks via NFTs and sell them using blockchain technology. A nonfungible token is a one-of-a-kind, digital asset and not mutually interchangeable.

NFTmall opens up a whole new world where NFT meets decentralized finance and e-commerce. This is the most creator-friendly NFT marketplace that offers plenty of revolutionary features for the most effective interconnection with the NFT market, both for creators and art buyers.

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