In a world full of promises and announcements comes a team of developers who are pioneers in the industry — yet they fully admit they are strangers to its customer base. At the forefront of innovation and technological development, a team of Australians has been developing a true solution for the blockchain industry, one that is both commercially viable and enterprise-ready. This solution is already built and incorporates close-to-gasless transactions, smart contracts, parallel processing, unparalleled transactional speed and user-friendly interphases. 

Incorporating a revolutionary and sustainable method of “green mining or minting,” it utilizes a newly designed proof-of-authority consensus system with artificial intelligence validation monitoring. NAVIS (NuGenesis’ Artificial Validation Intelligence System) is designed to continuously keep learning, ensuring the NuGenesis network meets the strictest of validation and security.

The NuGenesis blockchain network has not been built on a single framework. NuGenesis designed the ultimate interoperable cross-chain network, allowing data flow between chains regardless of the current framework it is built on. 

Many people have heard of Polkadot, Cardano, Ripple, Ethereum, Solana and Matic, but are yet to learn about one of the oldest established blockchains and systems that has been created.

The development of NuGenesis commenced in 2013. Luay Mohsen is the chief technology officer and a pioneer in cryptography, who graduated in 1992 with his first project being designed to cipher floppy drives using assembly language.

The NuGenesis team has now expanded to over 126 employees with seven offices spanning the globe including Australia, Estonia, India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. The company also has several leading advisory and mentoring partners not just from the digital space but also in the fields of finance, law and business development.

NuGenesis recently signed a contract to develop the much-awaited Hollywood Multimedia Coin, also known as the multimedia and product service or MPS Coin.

Several NuChain slots have been issued on the NuGenesis network. To date, NuGenesis has issued grants worth over 3.5 million in Australian dollars. 

NuGenesis’ NuChain slots provide the diverse individual layer-one blockchains that run in parallel on the NuGenesis network and are secured by its sovereign consensus and validator set. 

The key to the scalability of the NuGenesis multichain network is that each chain will share and benefit from the network’s infrastructure, including but not limited to the LedgerX exchange, launchpads, cross-chains, reduced hosting prices and networks.

Each NuChain can be customized to meet the demands of any user requirements, bringing the vision of the client’s ideas to reality. 

By being accepted into the NuGenesis network, a client is given full access to the full spectrum of the platform’s resources. 

NuChains are interchangeable and ready to amend blockchains built on the NuGenesis core design, allowing connection to the NuGenesis network but without the leasing costs or auctions. NuChains hold their sovereign security and consensus, therefore the only cost associated with a slot is the hosting and back-end infrastructure.

The other major difference to other projects on the market is that NuGenesis does not have any computing constraints, so there is no limit to the number of slots that can be issued. The issuance of slots is only limited by how functional and meaningful a client’s project is to the NuGenesis platform. Unlike other launchpads, only projects that have substantial functionality behind them will be approved as a NuChain. NuGenesis’ parallel processing network can handle an infinite number of chains, however, it will take some time to customize each blockchain.

For projects approved on the NuGenesis network, the platform supplies all the network infrastructure, a fully customizable blockchain and grants to cover costs of the full solution implementation.

Up to AU$250,000 of services can be approved and all costs waived subject to a project’s future functional capacity. Any project joining the NuGenesis network must issue “airdrop tokens” to the entire network during its minting and rewarding distribution, which would ensure all users of the NuGenesis network will gain the benefit. 

For all meaningful projects that have already raised capital through tokenized systems such as the Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum, NuChains can be supplied with all functional pallets and infrastructure including a complete blockchain, while Meme Coins will not be supported on the NuGenesis network. 

The other great benefit for users is that NuGenesis blockchains offer crypto projects “security law-proofing and full compliance” through an embedded hard-coding minting, treasury reward and governance system that protects projects and their investors from future regulatory enforcement action.

To apply for a NuChain slot, please contact us at NuGenesis.

Currently, the NuGenesis main chain and nonfungible token smart chain (smart contract chain) are live on the NUSCAN mainnet.

Links to all new live chains can be found at Nucoin.

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