Singapore, Aug. 8, 2022 — Nuls Blockchain is delighted to announce its partnership with Suisse Blockchain. The partnership is a blend of expertise, as Suisse Blockchain is rooted in marketing and regulatory compliance while Nuls is grounded in blockchain and multichain technologies. Both are committed to a future where blockchain startups are enabled to grow and market their visions for the future of blockchain. Together, Nuls and Suisse Blockchain are creating and supporting an initial decentralized exchange (IDO) and incubator platform.

Blockchain is known for its technical and legal complexities — high barriers for blockchain startups to navigate. The mission of Suisse Blockchain is to lower those barriers and enable startups to grow without the limits of potential roadblocks — in other words, to facilitate blockchain startups shaping their futures.

Streamlining the incubation process

The Suisse Blockchain team works hand-in-hand with the Nuls team, continually strengthening the security and future of upcoming projects. Blockchain is an evolving technology with constantly changing rules and regulations. It is important to navigate the immediate while keeping sight of the future. Suisse Blockchain takes care of that through code auditing, due-diligence research and a deep commitment to regulation. The foundation of Suisse Blockchain is the legal framework of the forward-looking Swiss distributed ledger technology (DLT) law.

This collaboration enables blockchain ideas and visions not yet dreamed of to flourish. As more blockchain startups appear with new ideas and concepts combined with a metaverse-bound future, Suisse Blockchain will be there to provide assistance and guidance.

Nuls is excited to join with Suisse Blockchain in contributing to the predictable and unpredictable shape of the future of the blockchain space.

About Nuls

Nuls, based in Singapore, provides a blockchain infrastructure boasting cross-chain consensus, a multichain mechanism and smart contract support. Its combination of two blockchains, the Nuls and the NerveNetwork blockchain, allows for fast speeds and comparatively low transaction costs.

Its multichain wallet Nabox provides Suisse Blockchain with the ability to interact with multiple chains. This enables the blockchain startup incubator to host IDOs for projects from a variety of platforms and is not restricted to BNB or Ether (ETH). Being able to utilize 20-plus blockchains is a technical advantage uncommon in the industry. 

About Suisse Blockchain

Suisse Blockchain is a company based in Chur, Switzerland. Founded in 2022, Suisse Blockchain is the first blockchain startup incubator created on the Swiss DLT law framework, allowing the project to be secure and progressive when it comes to regulations. The blockchain-experienced team takes care of the creation, acceleration and later expansion of the company, utilizing one of the most cost-effective and future-proof blockchain platforms.

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