Eugene, Oregon, April 15, 2022 — The world’s financial systems are no exception to change. Technological improvement has progressed the digitization of currency, moving closer to a cashless society and away from physical currency. Many people fear this technological shift will be government-controlled, leading to the loss of financial freedom. Therefore private and-or decentralized organizations are essential for moving forward. These improvements in technology also make innovative tools possible, which can provide people more control and power over their finances than ever before. NumisMe is one of those innovations and may forever change the way the world thinks about physical change.

Physical currencies and loose change are on their way toward extinction. Physical money can be lost, stolen, damaged or even intentionally thrown away due to its perceived lack of value or cumbersome nature. This attrition results in billions of dollars disappearing every year. Imagine making a cash purchase without the need to receive physical change instead of receiving it electronically. What if people were free to send, spend or save digitized cash and coins as seen fit, also investing it in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi)?

What is NumisMe?

Built on the concept of progressive decentralization, NumisMe is the only crypto-purchasing cash protocol committed to the digitization of all loose change. Powered by NUME — the world’s first cryptocurrency that can be bought directly with cash — saving and investing have never been easier. When a cash purchase occurs, a customer can choose to “NumisMe” the remaining change directly into their app. Participating retailers can then scan the QR code displayed on the customer’s NumisMe app, using the merchant software integrated with their point-of-sale system, triggering an immediate electronic ACH transfer. The possibilities with this on-ramp from fiat to digital currency are unprecedented.

What does NumisMe do?

Users can store and save their change securely in the NumisMe app. As a digital store of funds, NumisMe can also provide a debit card — virtual or physical — to fulfill banking roles and offer a digital on-ramp to those without traditional banking services, requiring only Wi-Fi to do so. NumisMe offers many services offered by traditional banks, such as account and transaction viewing and balance sheets. By connecting to the bank account, users can choose to send accumulated change from the NumisMe app to that bank account. In addition, the app offers a peer-to-peer function that allows users to send money to anyone, anywhere, at any time — as long as they are also using the NumisMe app.

At its innovative core, NumisMe users can instantly purchase the company’s ERC20-protocol NUME tokens with their saved change. This allows them to reap the benefits of Reflect.Finance (RFI) static rewards for holding NUME. Users can also choose to stake their NUME into a DeFi savings account, resulting in additional growth beyond holding the token. With the door to DeFi opened through purchasing NUME, the ability to swap their NUME with Ether (ETH) or other ERC20-protocol tokens becomes possible. NumisMe provides those without banking access a gateway into crypto and serves as an alternative outlet for those affected by cryptocurrency restrictions or bans from regional regulations and centralized banking. NumisMe hopes to significantly increase the adoption of crypto globally by providing a direct avenue to crypto and removing the middlemen.

About NumisMe

NumisMe empowers everyone through its visionary technology, providing the tools they need to make every dollar and cent count. Mainstream awareness of cryptocurrency is growing but entering and navigating the space is still difficult. NumisMe provides an alternative method of entry into crypto that could represent a tidal wave of mass adoption. With the inevitable digitization of all physical currency, the future appears cloudy to many. NumisMe hopes to be part of the solution that makes that future clearer and brighter for all.

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