Nyan Heroes is thrilled to announce that it’s early stage seed round of funding is officially closed. The round was led by Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital and DeFiance Capital. 

We are excited to announce additional strategic backing by Sino Global Capital, Infinity Ventures Capital, Solana Ventures, Skyvision Capital, Yield Guild Games and Merit Circle. We would additionally like to thank notable angels including Kevin Lin of Twitch, Thomas Vu of Riot Games, Jihan Wu of Matrixport, Darren Lau ofThe Daily Ape and MrBlock.

We would like to thank our investors and advisers for their continued support as we strive to create an immersive, feature rich high quality gameplay experience — built on the back of a play-to-earn (P2E) economic model that is designed for sustainability. Our vision is to fundamentally change the way that current P2E is done and provide an architecture that future projects can use and build upon to ensure the continued growth and success of blockchain gaming as a whole.

To our community

We would like to thank our community for the incredible support that we have received over the past two months since our launch. Our discord community currently numbers 45k+ members and it has been incredible to witness the dedication and commitment from many of our earliest supporters to latecomers alike. We would like to thank our moderation and scout team for always being there to assist us when necessary and we feel incredibly blessed to have each and every one of you.

Nyan Heroes project updates

Nyan Heroes is a third person shooter battle royale built on Solana. Our mission is to become the premiere PvP skill-based blockchain gaming project. By focusing on gameplay first, we seek to introduce millions of traditional gamers to the blockchain ecosystem through an already familiar, popular and modern gaming genre.

We have recently completed our Genesis Nyan nonfungible token (NFT) presale which took place over two weeks via six community missions. We were successfully able to implement a whitelist system that ensured the majority of our NFTs went to our community and true supporters over bots which is a common problem that plagues many project releases. Our public sale for the remainder of our 11,111 collection will be held on Nov. 8 via the Fair Launch Protocol. 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to our charity partner Best Friends Animal Society where every Nyan minted will go toward saving a real-life cat. The remainder of our sales will be used in conjunction with our seed funding to accelerate the development of our flagship title Nyan Heroes — a third-person shooter battle royale — to rival games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. 

We have been expanding our team rapidly, onboarding industry veterans from AAA studios including Riot Games, Ubisoft and EA. We hope to have an MVP demo out within the next 4-6 months so be on the lookout for that.

“Nyan Heroes is developed by a team with a strong track record in building large fan bases. We believe their innovative approach to game economics implemented with a third person shooter can bring many more people to the world of crypto gaming,” — Andrew Kang of Mechanism Capital.

“3AC is delighted to support Nyan Heroes, a premier entrant into the Solana gaming ecosystem. Max and Wengie are creating a topnotch shooter game, and we simply like the cats.” — Zhu Su of Three Arrows Capital.

Final thoughts

It’s not everyday you get to be part of something truly exciting and revolutionary. We, the team at Nyan Heroes, are incredibly thankful and excited for the opportunity to work on something that we are all deeply passionate about. Games are meant to be fun, exciting, immersive and captivating. Players should have the right to own their own digital in-game assets, and be able to freely buy, trade or sell them in an open market. If a player is providing in-game value, performing useful work for the ecosystem, or is simply highly skilled through hundreds of hours of practice, they should be rewarded for it. 

This is the future of gaming as we know it, and we can’t wait to make that future a reality.

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