Jan. 17, 2023 — The Occam DAO rings in the new year with updates on its governance structure, an introduction to its ISPO-as-a-service and the latest developments on the innovative CHAKRA token. Users can also now delegate ADA to Occam’s initial ISPO pools, CHAKRA and CURL.

The Occam decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an interchain DAO-governed incubator leveraging its community and expertise to build, shape and improve decentralized finance ecosystems of a number of emerging and established layer-1 networks (Cardano, Algorand, Near, Velas, Humanode and others).

Following a successful round of proposals known as the Temple Path (July 2022) that would work to overhaul Occam’s past governance structure and make the vision of a genuinely democratic system a reality, the core contributors have been busy developing the technology needed to set the wheels in motion.

To achieve maximum participation and engagement from DAO members, Discord will become Occam’s new communication and governance hub. Through staking Occam’s native token, OCC, members will gain access to “Soulbound” nonfungible tokens representing their stake and voting power. DAO members will also have the chance to form and join guilds, thus maximizing their strength within the system and accessing rewards as a result. Navigate to this article for a full list of benefits and how the new governance system will work.

Visual representation of Occam DAO’s new governance structure

Visual representation of Occam DAO’s new governance structure

Rewarding DAO members with CHAKRA

Benefits of staking OCC also include rewards in the form of CHAKRA tokens. CHAKRA is a token whose value represents a weighted basket of tokens of decentralized applications (DApps) bound by the common thread of the Occam DAO. It is a unique and continuous mechanism that rewards Occam DAO members for staking their OCC and grants them weighted exposure to DApps launched by or partnered with the DAO.

The Chakra Pool currently has commitments for funding from projects such as OccamX, Choise, Curl, Humanode, Velas and more.

Initial stake pool offerings

Furthermore, the Occam DAO has announced its latest fundraising technology — ISPO-as-a-service. Initially, this infrastructure will serve the Cardano blockchain before being opened for use by the communities of all supported delegated proof-of-stake blockchains. The Occam DAO’s ISPO platform aggregates all of its available ISPO pools into one convenient interface, with statistics and delegation information for each, allowing users to assess and delegate to the ISPO of their favorite projects at a glance.

Currently, there are two initial ISPO pools available to delegate ADA to: CHAKRA, Occam’s new rewards token and Curl, the ultimate solution to the fragmented liquidity in the Web3 space.

In order to qualify for the first of the epoch rewards for either of the available ISPOs, users will need to delegate to their chosen pool before the start of epoch 389. Otherwise, they are able to join at any other point in time.

Interested projects can also contact the DAO via a short application form.

The Occam DAO is showing a vibrant start to 2023, promising many technological updates and partnerships in the near future. Follow the DAO to stay up to date:

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