June 9, 2022 — OccamFi has announced its latest incubated project, Curl: a protocol developed by the Blueshift and OccamX teams. The Curl protocol addresses current shortcomings of liquidity fragmentation caused by bridges and layer-2 (L2) solutions to unleash decentralized finance’s (DeFi’s) deep liquidity.

Curl enables the accommodation of synthetic liquid tokens in L2 solutions by combining unique liquidity pooling and issuing a homogenized synthetic asset that represents a weighted exposure to all underlying synthetics — effectively making them fungible. 

Curl ensures:

  • The integration of DeFi’s fragmented landscape.
  • Improved blockchain coordination by allowing one L2 synthetic token generation for every underlying layer-1 asset. Developers can harness this feature to enable seamless cross-chain transactions between decentralized apps of different blockchains.
  • Curl liquidity providers receive superior risk and return profiles, which can inspire new investment models in crypto.
  • L2 assets increase in fungibility by concentrating order flow.
  • A weight system for bridges to determine their fate, allowing users to vote out any deficient bridges in the Curl landscape.

OccamFi’s incubation process lets Curl develop its core protocol considerably faster and set its strategic market direction. It builds on and extends Blueshift’s audited and market-proven portfolio technology that has already successfully introduced DeFi 2.0 to Cardano. Curl is also a dual-token decentralized autonomous organization, introducing the Curl governance token and hX universal synthetic token. 

Curl will continue to grow and bring order to liquidity fragmentation. The project will release first on Milkomeda to streamline users’ liquidity provision and concentrate the fragmented liquidity on bridged assets.

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