Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of finance, but most people still don’t understand it. India is a world leader in exporting software, and with how Web3 is changing the way software is monetized, the country has a lot to offer and a lot to gain from blockchain technology.

Octaloop is proud to announce the India Blockchain Tour and Metamorphosis 2022. The event is powered by Binamite, a convenient crypto payments solution for remote teams. From April 16 to July 31, Octaloop will be hopping all over the country to collaborate with meetup groups and take the blockchain hype all over India. Attendees are encouraged to participate in quizzes, network with other enthusiasts and professionals in the space, and speak their minds.

India Blockchain Tour

India Blockchain Tour is hitting eight cities, gathering the biggest names in India’s crypto industry to talk about digital assets, blockchain networks and the evolution of Web3. A journey unlike any other, the tour will have something for everyone to get excited about, sparking scintillating discussions about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and bringing decentralized networks into the mainstream. Attendees can show up, get a drink, sit back, and feel the electricity in the air as the future of money is discussed. 

Metamorphosis 2022

This July, the event organizers are conducting Metamorphosis 2022, a celebration of decentralized networks that incentivizes the development of blockchain applications. After an online hackathon, 15 shortlisted teams will be flown out to Bangalore to interact with some of the industry’s most influential personalities. 

People across the globe are working toward building a more inclusive digital future, and our goal with Metamorphosis 2022 is to catalyze discussions between the industry’s thought leaders and the Indian government. Blockchain is bringing leaders from both technological and political spheres toward one common goal: improving the world’s financial systems. By creating innovative and sustainable Web3 products, India is in the perfect position to lead the blockchain movement and cement itself as a core player in the future of money.

About Octaloop

Octaloop is a marketing and consulting firm that has evolved from hosting small events in coffee shops to conducting India’s largest blockchain meetup in 2018, in collaboration with Cointelegraph. Octaloop’s founder and prolific thought leader in the Indian blockchain arena, Anupam Varshney, has been publishing news and opinion pieces on the latest trends for years, building a community of thousands of blockchain enthusiasts.

The firm has worked with a number of prominent brands in the industry, having cultivated strong and lasting relationships with the ecosystem’s most influential names. Powered by Binamite, which empowers people with an intuitive platform to get paid in crypto, both India Blockchain Tour and Metamorphosis 2022 represent years of experience conducting events and collaborating with crypto firms.

Even those who are skeptical about blockchain are encouraged to come along, discuss their concerns, and hear others out. The event is characterised by fun conversations with a bunch of funky people and an experience where anyone, whether a novice or a veteran, will feel right at home. Registration is open now.