The world’s first financial metaverse is rocketed by Oddz, famously known as Oddzverse. This imaginary digital space is for fanatical users to engage in fruitful discussions related to various options and derivatives trading strategies, social trading and copy trading.

These superficial benefits don’t end here, Oddzverse has the structure to reach its peak. They allow users to conveniently utilize the space to strategize, learn and explore. They can advertise the sale of conditional tokens to attract more users to participate in any conditional token sale.

Moreover, they have striking plans to partner with decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to enable options and derivatives trading directly from any DEX while trading the cryptocurrencies. They have a massive 2.5 million stash of the native token ODDZ reserved for this phenomenally designed space.


Oddz is all set to make the crypto platforms experience one of the most unusual fabricated environments. We are sure that it will be as enthralling as it is designed, considering the previous success of Oddz Mainnet Carnival.

The Metaverse is creating a lot of swirl lately in digital marketing. Facebook has been talking about metaverse for a while and believes it is the land of new opportunities for social media.
What is the magic in this mysterious word? It’s a world of interconnected virtual communities where people can socialize, work and play games employing virtual reality devices.

Metaverse is a blend of augmented and virtual reality where users can interact favorably beyond the universe in an imaginary digital space. Expecting metaverse to be the upcoming giant in the development of the internet, its elements are syndicated for the users of cryptocurrencies to communicate digitally.

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