The OINDAO V3 by OIN Finance, a multi-chain crypto-backed stablecoin issuance solution, releases the nUSDO on the NEAR Protocol. Backed by the liquid-staking token, stNEAR, it provides users leveraged yield farming opportunities and use cases, while opening up DeFi functionality for the NEAR ecosystem and traditional businesses that wish to plug into the industry. 

Built for the multi-chain universe

The OINDAO provides a unique solution to the growing crypto industry’s needs with its multi-chain platform. Plugging into partnered blockchain networks, including layer-one, layer-two and side-chains, the platform provides an easy-yet-robust suite of features such as leveraging, staking and most importantly, on-chain stablecoins.

The first stablecoin to be released in the V3 update is the nUSDO on the NEAR Protocol. Backed by the stNEAR, a liquid staking token by Meta Pool, the solution provides users with an easy method to partake in NEAR’s protocol staking, freeing up liquidity to collateralize, thus leveraging to mint stablecoins for use. This flow of value gives users not only the freedom to use their assets without having to sell their coins but also promotes life and velocity within the ecosystem.

The V3 update brings new features, such as single-vault liquidations and multi-token rewards, as well as an update to the OIN token utility, such as governing all the stability fee rates and a buyback & burn program via the stability fees. 

OINDAO unlocks DeFi for altcoin users

Despite the recent flourishing of altcoins and layer-ones and layer-twos, the industry has not made great headways in spreading DeFi and stablecoins to these growing markets. The most popular solutions are all highly centralized on the Ethereum space, with little adoption elsewhere. The most prevalent stablecoins, for example, all adopt the ERC20 standard, such as the USDT. With little choice for altcoins, the OINDAO platform is a breath of fresh air.

Starting with the NEAR Protocol, users can now enjoy on-chain, collateralized stablecoins with a plethora of use cases planned such as GameFi payments, immense yield-farming opportunities, online payment for real goods and more, unlocking the rest of the crypto market for DeFi users, and DeFi for altcoin users.

This also means that ecosystem projects can now easily integrate a stablecoin into their platform, leveraging the benefits such as stable cash flows and user-friendliness.

OINDAO is a turnkey solution for businesses, blockchain or otherwise

Staying true to their claim of being a turnkey solution, the OINDAO V3 is wrapped up in an easy package for partners and users alike. As partnerships are settled and terms finalized, the new smart contract and stablecoin that the OIN Finance team builds undergo third-party audits. 

A BD rush also happens concurrently to develop use cases for the stablecoin, such as the project ecosystem's acceptance of the new coin as a method of payment or bringing in traditional businesses and payment solutions. 

With the NEAR-backed, stNEAR-collateralized nUSDO launched, the OINDAO V3 is just starting in its growth, with a bright future ahead.


OIN is a decentralized stablecoin issuance platform. With a robust set of features such as single-vault liquidations and own-brand-labeled stablecoins, we bring the best stablecoin solutions for all, including our layer-one and layer-two partners.

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