OKLink, the leading blockchain big-data company from China, has launched Chainhub 2.0, a crypto financial-intelligence platform, to provide upgraded crypto-market intelligence services for institutional and individual investors.

As one of the world’s earliest adopters of crypto, OKLink holds that conventional valuation metrics are far from sufficient for analyzing crypto markets. The crypto boom comes with a wealth of open, incorruptible blockchain data allowing people to access objective, precise and trustworthy measures of crypto-market activity. By unlocking on-chain data, Chainhub is reshaping the way people measure market activities. 

By providing more than 10,000 crypto-market metrics and seven thematic data sets — including hot contracts, decentralized finance, GameFi and nonfungible tokens (NFT) — Chainhub is providing comprehensive, precise and fast crypto-market intelligence services for more than 5 million global crypto investors. The project is particularly popular among Chinese crypto investors. 

The newly launched Chainhub 2.0 optimized the underlying blockchain technology framework and achieved four major innovations: 

  • Workbench: The new Workbench function brings a completely new user experience upgrade, from read-only to read-write. Users can create indicators by performing function calculations on existing indicators and charts by comparing existing indicators.
  • On-chain data broadcasting: With more than 10 mainstream blockchains´ full-node data, Chianhub 2.0 continuously pushes on-chain data 24/7 to help users better track industry hotspots and discover new on-chain opportunities. 
  • Custom dashboard: With this function, customers can build data dashboards that fit their own data needs and analysis habits. Every time they open their custom dashboard on Chainhub, they can see the latest data they need. 
  • A brand-new landing page: By integrating hot thematic data, on-chain data metrics base, data broadcasting and market reports, the new landing page lets users access target data in the shortest time, providing convenient one-stop data services.

“Gathering data from multiple blockchains and generating meaningful information from it necessitates high operational costs and time commitments, as well as a comprehensive infrastructure of databases, tools and skilled data scientists,” said Zhang Chao, vice president of OKLink. 

“OKLink makes a lot of effort on the newly launched Chainhub 2.0 because we believe this product is beneficial for investors and will play an important role in improving access in this nascent crypto market. In the coming years, OKLink will boost product innovation and help professionals, builders, investors and communities build a more transparent and efficient industry by providing world-class tools and intelligence.”

About OKLink 

OKLink is a world-leading blockchain big-data company from China, providing users with accurate on-chain data analysis, high-extensibility information solutions and blockchain science-education services based on industry-leading blockchain big-data technology. OKLink has launched other products, including a blockchain explorer, analysis platform Chaintelligence and OKLink Academy.