• Copy trading allows users to view in-depth breakdowns of the trading habits of high-performing traders and replicate these strategies.
  • Experienced traders can earn passive income by becoming “lead traders.”

Victoria, Seychelles, Jan. 17, 2023OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency platform and Web3 technology company, today launched its copy trading tool to its global user base on its social trading platform.

Copy trading allows users to follow high-performing “lead traders,” receive real-time updates on their latest moves and replicate trading strategies across more than 600 trading pairs.


Since May 2022, OKX social trading has allowed users to view the portfolio breakdowns, transaction histories, profit and losses and risk levels of high-performing traders.

Haider Rafique, OKX’s global chief marketing officer, said:

“In the last year, we have added a number of features that make it easy for new traders to follow or learn from other successful traders on the platform. Advancing social trading to include copy trading now adds more utility to the community of traders available to anyone on OKX. This feature is yet another way we believe we can help new traders to trade responsibly and manage risk while giving professional traders on our platform more ways to generate income.”

OKX copy trading also provides experienced and professional traders with a convenient way to monetize their trading strategies. When they become lead traders on OKX, high-performing traders receive a percentage of the profits they help their followers realize.

OKX lead traders commented on their experience with OKX copy trading:

Kyledoops from Crypto Banter said:

“One of the great things about OKX social trading is that it provides huge amounts of information on the lead traders and their metrics and past performance hit rates. That gives the user the opportunity to make a very educated decision on if that trader is someone they want to align with or not."

Grey Jabesi from GreyBTC said:

“I like the control that OKX gives you in comparison to most other exchanges when it comes to copy trading. I like that copy traders can get in and out of a position whenever they want to without waiting for the lead trader to close their position first. This gives them the flexibility to walk away with their money on their terms.”

Find out more on OKX learn or OKX copy trading here.

For further information, please contact: media@okx.com.

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