Toronto, July 7, 2022 — Oly Sport, a metaverse centering around play-to-earn esports horse racing and Betswap, a platform bridging the gap between sports betting and the blockchain, are partnering to bring the first horse racing nonfungible token (NFT) game to the Betswap platform. 

Using Oly Sport’s API data integration, horse racing fans around the world will soon be able to watch live races and make bets on the Betswap platform without having to own a horse in the Oly Sport metaverse. 

“To continue evolving and meeting the needs of our esports community, we are thrilled to announce our very first partnership with a betting platform,” said Jimmy Chan, CEO of Oly Sport. “This partnership underscores our commitment to bringing the traditional horse racing industry to the metaverse.”

Oly Sport is recognized as the world’s first horse racing metaverse game using NFTs, where players are rewarded virtual land and real land in-game. Most recently, it was named as one of the Top Three Metaverse Horse Racing Projects by CryptoTVPlus in April 2022. Shortly after that, it gained significant brand recognition as a sponsor at the first Crypto Polo Cup event in Miami. Oly Sport raised $2.3 million through tokens in November 2021 and launched its mainnet at the end of March 2022. It has hosted over 4,000 races to date, with a race every twenty minutes. In recent news, Oly Sport shared that a tournament will be hosted for all of this month, July, keeping their fans excited.

“This collaboration will address the unmet need for accessibility in the world of sports betting, especially when it comes to NFT horse racing,” said Mavic, CEO of Betswap. “We are now able to reach more users worldwide who are horse racing enthusiasts with the support, technology and community from Oly Sport.”

This decentralized platform allows users to participate securely and anonymously, as it offers transparency and locked contracts, in addition to reduced fees. Betswap is an ERC-20-protocol token and acts as the centerpiece of the sports betting platform. As a multichain token, Betswap resides on the Ethereum, Fantom and Avalanche blockchains.

Despite the crypto market downtrend, Oly Sport and Betswap are two of a few projects that still follow their development roadmap and receive considerable public attention.

The official launch date for Oly Sport on Betswap is set to be the first week of August. 

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