Through the strategic partnership with Spac3Ship, Oly Sport will have market research and eventually break into Vietnam as a potential market.

On April 2, delighted sophomores from both parties witnessed the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Spac3Ship and Oly Sport in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Jimmy Chan, CEO of Oly Sport, and Danny Ho, CEO of Spac3Ship, have signed a strategic agreement aimed at expanding the horse racing metaverse. 

Danny Ho (left) and Chan couldn’t hide their excitement after reaching the agreement.

Ho expressed his gratitude to Oly Sport for choosing them to spearhead the Vietnamese crypto industry when asked about the relationship. Spac3Ship is also committed to becoming Oly Sport’s most dependable partner by utilizing all of its capabilities, knowledge and resources to act as an intermediary and assist Oly Sport in establishing a stable community and ecosystem.

Additionally, Chan expressed gratitude to Spac3Ship and declared a wish to continue in the metaverse and blockchain business. 

“We’ve always wanted to develop a comprehensive metaverse,” Chan stated, “And I believe Spac3Ship to be the ideal launcher for Oly Sport in the Vietnamese crypto market.”

After the signing ceremony, a talk program — Esport and Assets Digitization — was held, with representatives from both parties in attendance. This allowed Chan the opportunity to tell the audience more about Oly Sport’s vision and long-term strategy.

Chan shared Oly Sport’s vision and mission to the audience at the talk show.

On a Saturday night when many entertainment shows were online, the conversation show attracted nearly 10,000 online viewers on Facebook. This is a good indicator, demonstrating that the Vietnamese are concerned about Oly Sport and blockchain in general.

Spac3Ship is a blockchain-focused investment firm supported by prominent media and technology companies such as Yeah1 eDigital, Gosu and M3ta. Spac3Ship aims to promote blockchain knowledge and establish a new blockchain community in Vietnam. 

Chan is also taking advantage of this opportunity to seek out and attract more tech expertise in Singapore and Vietnam to accelerate the development of the Oly Sport Metaverse.

Chan, a Canadian entrepreneur, established Oly Sport, a metaverse centered on play-to-earn horse racing. Nonfungible token horses, horse farms, racecourses, banking systems and land are all keystone species driven by blockchain and virtual reality technology. The goal is to allow players to compete for a living, create a dynamic virtual economy and remove land-ownership obstacles.