Geneva, Switzerland, December 2, 2021 -- Olyseum, the company that brings stars closer to their fans through digital innovation, today announced its partnership with Koldo Serra - co-Director of the hit Netflix series La Casa de Papel - to present the first ever Non-Fungible Story, with its first collection of NFTs within a narrative script: the collection of Álvaro Morte, known for roles such as The Professor in La casa de Papel and Logain Ablar in the current series The Wheel of Time.

Koldo Serra and Álvaro Morte announce their participation in Olyseum's Non-fungible Story

Koldo Serra and Álvaro Morte announce their participation in Olyseum's Non-fungible Story

The official announcement was unveiled last night at the exclusive club E11EVEN during its gala at Art Basel Miami's Vault-721 interactive gallery.

Koldo Serra will create the art for the entire NFT metacollection, and will direct the overall narrative, along with Álvaro Morte's creative involvement. Olyseum's "Non-fungible Story" (NFS) will feature a total of 111 recognized personalities with their space in the script and their own collection of NFTs, involving film stars, writers, musicians, athletes and other global icons. Each one will represent an episode in the NFS. The episodes will be split into 6 segments, each one including a portion of the script along with an original sketch drawn by the director with his production notes. Additionally, fans can influence the direction of the metacollection - opening the door to unprecedented participation in the history of art.

Olyseum CEO and co-founder Carlos Grenoir said:

"Koldo is one of the most talented and recognized directors in recent years, with an innate ability to capture the imagination of millions of fans globally. Working alongside a director of Koldo's caliber is something spectacular for our metacollection. Álvaro Morte is one of the most influential actors at the moment. His perfectionism, overflowing creativity, and such intense social conscience and acting ability is going to be a real marvel for the NFS."

Speaking of the announcement, Koldo Serra said:

"I am delighted to partner with Olyseum to write the world's first Non-fungible Story, carefully constructed from several narrative layers, and promote new cultural and artistic possibilities in our society. Together, and with the help of fans across the world, we can create a future by including the viewer in the storytelling and allowing us to create an innovative form of participation."

Olyseum was founded by neuroscientist and engineer Carlos Grenoir, and world-renowned cybersecurity consultant Kevin Mitnick and former FC Barcelona players Carles Puyol and Ivan de la Peña. Olyseum investors include Crèdit Andorrà Bank; BuyVIP (sold to Amazon) co-founder Gerald Heydenreich; former Rothschild senior advisor Javier de Rocafort; and INDITEX franchisee Jordi Ballbé.

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