Today, Omni announced that it will be launching the first-ever celebrity nonfungible token collection on Sept. 4, named Omni Celebrities. Omni will mint 2,000 NFTs representing the top 100 celebrities as part of its Omni Strong Holder program.

The Omni celebrity NFTs will be collectible art in the style of CryptoPunks of the most celebrated, legendary artists, cultural icons and sporting heroes — from Elon Musk to Jay Z and Taylor Swift. 

Manny Hernandez, CEO of Omni, stated:

“NFTs are here to revolutionize several industries and the aim is to take full advantage not only in the music industry but also in arts and collectibles. Celebrities are the ultimate creators and with this first NFT drop, the choice has been made to commemorate them by creating 100 Punk style celebrity NFTs that are limited and rare, and grant users with extended functionality within the ecosystem. Having the NFTs play a crucial role inside the app will grant them a much higher perceived value due to the special functions they unlock for the user. As this is part of the Omni Strong Holder program, we believe this will drive value accrual to the Omni token in the short and long term.”

According to the Omni Strong Holder program, users who hold 5,000, 15,000, and 25,000 coins from now until the app launches will be rewarded with different perks, and the Omni Celebrities collection will be one of them. Full details about the Omni Strong Holder program will be released soon. 

The NFT drop will only be available to users that hold a minimum of 5,000 Omni (OMN) coins and have reserved their username as an anchor text that links to the reserve username page. 

Users that hold 15,000 or 25,000 OMN coins will receive rarer NFTs, which will grant special powers inside the app — unlocking the functionality from augmented reality filters to exclusive access to schemes and perks.

When celebrities join Omni, they will be able to claim one copy of their NFT, which will become verified. As token holders sell and trade their NFTs, we will reserve 10% of the profits for the named celebrity, who on joining Omni will be able to donate the profit to a charity of their choice. 

The first NFT drop will take place on Sept. 4. Every week, Hernandez will announce the winners of the Strong Holder program during his YouTube live show Coffee with Manny. 

More details on the perks of the Strong Holder program will be released shortly.

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Francesca Tabor