On March 25, at 9 pm UTC, USDB, a new decentralized, low-risk stablecoin with unprecedented interest-earning opportunities, will be launched. The Product X Launch taking place tomorrow will reveal everything one needs to know about this innovative new decentralized finance (DeFi) product. After much anticipation, the stablecoin revolution is finally underway. 

In less than a day, the official launch of USDB, DeFi’s latest and greatest stablecoin, will take place online. With up to 32% in annual percentage yield, a host of exciting use cases, the announcement of its $10,000 giveaway winners and a bunch of other big surprises planned, this is not an event one wants to miss.

With inflation on the rise and faith in the United States dollar as a stable reserve currency declining, stablecoins have proven to be an important development. USDB brings the best of popular algorithmic stablecoins such as TerraUSD (UST) while adding some exciting passive income opportunities and other use cases — all of which will be revealed at the Product X Launch on March 25. 

USDB is a truly decentralized stablecoin backed by Fantohm DAO (FHM) — a rebase token backed by a strong treasury of real decentralized assets, unlike the U.S. dollar. USDB uses an ingenious method known as proof-of-burn to cement its value at $1.

Proof-of-burn is a concept where a coin is destroyed at a specific point in time, and the value lost at that moment is recorded in a blockchain transaction. USDB is valued and maintained at $1 through its relationship with FHM, a decentralized reserve asset, making it the perfect safe-haven asset for investors of all kinds. 

With a number of use cases — including liquidity solutions for businesses, a bridge between DeFi and traditional finance, high-interest earning opportunities of up to 32% and more — USDB will be hot property when it goes live, so get in early. 

Available on the Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Fantom, Moonriver, Polygon and Avalanche networks, USDB is a big step in the right direction. By bridging the world of DeFi and traditional finance and offering a whole host of unprecedented financial possibilities, this event will mark the beginning of a new era of stablecoins and interest-earning opportunities. Whether one is new to DeFi or has been around a while, this is not the type of event that happens often.

Along with the unveiling of USDB and all the exciting features and opportunities that come with it, the launch will also feature a number of surprises that DeFi enthusiasts won’t want to miss. Make sure to enter the giveaway and attend the Product X Launch on March 25, at 9 pm UTC, to get in early and join the stablecoin revolution.