Billions of dollars in stablecoins are sitting idly in cryptocurrency wallets generating zero yield for their holders. Trillions of dollars in fiat are sitting in savings accounts losing value as the world grapples with rising inflation. OneRing Finance wants to change that dynamic.


Zero point zero six percent: That was the average expected yield on United States savings accounts in 2021 — 0.06%. If you deposited $1,666 into a savings account at the beginning of the year, you would have earned $1 in interest — $1. Not to mention an inflation rate of 7% is wiping out the purchasing power of those deposits. But hey, at least you made that buck! 

It is not just individuals feeling the pinch — institutions are suffering under these economic conditions, too. Cash-heavy institutions are seeing the value of their cash holdings slashed by quantitative-easing-related inflation. 

While institutional investors are taking notice of crypto as a hedge against inflation, a majority of them cannot stomach its insane volatility. Top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) have lost almost 50% in market capitalization since November, a roller coaster ride that would make most corporate bigwigs queasy. 

Enter OneRing Finance

OneRing Finance is a stablecoin yield optimizer built on the Fantom Opera network. The protocol provides a secure, easy-to-use platform allowing users to earn maximum yield on their stablecoins. Simply deposit any stablecoin of your choice, from several integrated blockchains, into the platform and watch that sweet, sweet passive income roll in. 

OneRing does all the legwork for you: It finds the right mix of yield farms in order to maximize returns and minimize risks, compounds returns turning your yield into APY, and vets prospective farming protocols’ security features. 


Twenty-six point eighty-eight percent! That is the current yield for depositing stablecoins in the OneRing platform — 26.88%! What if the $1,666 you had put in the bank had been deposited into OneRing instead? At the end of one year, you would have earned over $450 in interest — $450! That’s more than enough to cover the costs of rising inflation and buy your significant other a nice gift on their birthday!

OneRing makes capitalizing on stablecoin farming opportunities secure, simple and swift. Crypto-friendly institutions, or even those risk-averse companies that have yet to test the crypto waters, may explore the value to be derived from stablecoins. 

RING: Returning tremendous value to stakers

After years of being at the mercy of the major financial institutions, decentralized finance (DeFi) is shifting profits to the masses. Continuing this trend, OneRing distributes performance fees generated by the platform to its RING token stakers.

The platform earns performance fees based on the total value locked and the APY of utilized farms. These fees are paid out to stakers in stablecoins, bringing stable APY that is not common in DeFi, as returns usually come in the form of a platform’s native token. 

RING provides plenty of additional utilities for OneRing platform users. Stakers have governance rights and can propose and vote on future platform developments. RING staking also provides platform fee reductions and the opportunity to acquire exclusive nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Periodic buybacks are designed to create deflationary pressure on the token. 

The Fellowship

OneRing Finance is backed by some of the biggest names in crypto, and the number of major players joining “The Fellowship” is growing by the day.

OneRing’s fellowship of ecosystem partners includes many established as well as emerging platforms. Each ecosystem partnership is carefully chosen with the aim of bringing long-term value to OneRing. These partnered projects include CyberFi, SpookySwap, Lossless, Larix, DEXTools, YDragon and Beethoven X, where a liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP) for the RING token will take place. 

Major financial backers include CyberFi, Ceazor, Synapse Network, Magnus Capital, Oracles Investment Group, Wealth Union, R-930 and HODL Finance. These strategic investors were carefully chosen with a promise of a long-term commitment to “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

RING liquidity bootstrapping pool and massive giveaway

On the heels of extremely successful private and public token launches, OneRing will conduct an LBP event on the Beethoven X platform in the coming weeks (date and time to be announced). The LBP is designed to bootstrap decentralized exchange liquidity and to discover the fair market price of RING, which will be reflected in its launch on SpookySwap. The LBP will run for 48 hours, during which there will be amazing opportunities to win fabulous prizes. Participants who purchase RING in the first 24 hours of the LBP are eligible to win one of 10 prizes worth 5,000 USD Coin (USDC) each! In addition to the huge cash prizes, LBP participants on day two are eligible to win an NFT package from OneRing’s Fellowship ecosystem partners.

Welcome to OneRing Finance. One Ring to yield them all!