Blockchain has revolutionized many industries. From finance to medical fields, real estate, music, arts and gaming, blockchain has consistently brought advancements and broken industrial limitations by providing technological developments in the form of decentralization, digital currencies, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and more.

As we move toward a more blockchain-integrated world, it’s only natural that teams from all over the world will come up with new applications for blockchain and crypto. Following this modern technological revolution, an ambitious blockchain team called Stream Live is creating new blockchain implementations for an old, familiar industry: livestreaming.

The advent of the internet brought developments that allowed people to broadcast themselves and earn a living through livestreaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, AfreecaTV and TikTok. However, what Stream Live is trying to achieve goes beyond just being another livestreaming platform. Its team is developing a blockchain-based livestreaming platform with technology that allows multi-streaming — streaming to multiple platforms all at once — and features such as NFTs on video.

According to Stream Live CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh, “The demand for blockchain technology has increased dramatically over the years. Blockchain is being used to enhance many online platforms, and it is soon about time that everything will be on the blockchain to utilize the enhanced and unique features it can bring to the world. We are combining ‘livestreaming’ and ‘blockchain’ together to revolutionize the livestreaming industry to empower streamers and viewers and enhance viewers’ experience.”

By integrating the blockchain-based digital asset Stream (STRM), the LiveView platform allows streamers to earn 100% of the donations they receive from their fans. They won’t need to worry about the fees, which can range from 30% up to 50%, that platforms like YouTube and Twitch take from their earnings. Aside from that, the multi-streaming feature also allows streamers to reach a wider audience and grow their following, eliminating platform-specific limitations.

The Stream Live team also mentioned that they are looking into creating an NFT marketplace for video, allowing streamers to have more earning opportunities and full ownership of their content.

About Stream Live

Stream Live is an all-in-one, blockchain-based livestreaming platform, allowing streamers to grow their audience and rewarding viewers. Using Stream Live, streamers can stream in one click and go live on various platforms. The idea is to link people all around the world with only one click and one platform.

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