SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – On January 1st, 2020,, a cryptocurrency trading platform engineered using open-source exchange software by bitHolla, will be open for trading. For the launch, HollaEx will be launching a promotion where users who register using the referral link will get 30% lower trading fees on the platform.

BitHolla announced the release of as an innovative digital asset exchange utilizing in October 2019 and the exchange will be open to the public on January 1st, 2020. 

The main objective of bitHolla is to provide an exchange solution that showcases ease and flexibility and also remains true to the cryptocurrency industry by being built by native crypto veterans and professionals. The exchange was created using their open-source white-label exchange software named “HollaEx Kit,” which provides companies or individuals the opportunity to create and operate their own exchanges. According to the HollaEx website, it aspires to be the most open and accessible exchange for trading digital assets in the market by its design. 

CEO of bitHolla, Ali Beikverdi, states that:

“By using the open-source HollaEx Kit to create, we are showing the ease with which an exchange can be created with the kit. Just like how WordPress makes websites easy to build, the HollaEx Kit allows anyone to create their own exchange, tokens, new markets and bypass expensive crypto exchange fees." exchange opening will also mark the first day of the Wave Auction public sale for the HollaEx token (XHT)

The HollaEx token is a utility token made to facilitate users who wish to run their own exchange similar to by using the HollaEx Kit. When the exchange launches to the world on December 18th, it will also mark the beginning of a 3 year long HollaEx token wave auction to the public, by far one of the longest in the crypto sphere. To track the history and progression of the Wave Auction there is the Wave Auction table that posts results for each wave and all of the Wave Auction's history. is the embodiment of the HollaEx kit and a live example of what future exchange owners can expect when launching their own service. The design has been focused on ensuring ease of use and 24/7 flawless performance. The exchange currently offers trading pairs on the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP) and Tether (USDT) to name a few and this will be ever-expanding. aims to facilitate its users with short transaction processing times whilst having the lowest fees in order to provide a better trading experience.

“BitHolla’s innovative exchange software will become a ubiquitous part of any business and we will be striving to provide ‘outside the box’ solutions. Smart businesses will utilize open marketplace tech in revolutionary new ways that no one has been able to do without the proper tools," says Mr. Beikverdi.

The objective is to show how the exchange software and tokens work in a real scenario and how it can become a vital business solution for all finance, business and e-commerce verticals.

For more information about HollaEx and the open-source HollaEx kit, please visit this website:

About bitHolla

BitHolla is a professional service provider of exchange trading software and cryptocurrency asset wallet management. They aim to build frictionless crypto trading technology using over 5 years of experience and an international customer base spanning across South Korea, the Middle East, and Australia. Their mission is to create customized, future-proofed financial technology that guides businesses into the cryptocurrency age.