Digital creators across the globe are expanding their horizons to participate in this lucrative industry. Investors and creators are collaborating to drive innovation in this ever-growing nonfungible token (NFT) phenomenon in the quest to empower the future of digital art. NFT transactions accelerated from a mere $40.96 million in 2018 to $338.04 million in 2020, representing an increase of over 8x in barely two years. Compared to 2019’s total of $141.56 million, 2020 recorded an increase of nearly 82%. The NFT market surpassed $41 billion worth in 2021. 

OpenLive NFT is a unique NFT marketplace that aims to promote the novelty and exclusivity of nonfungible tokens by connecting artists and creative enthusiasts to offer a chance at designing unique digital collectibles using a mathematical verification of individual licenses. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. OpenLiveNFT is also building an exchange platform to sell exclusive NFT collections that focus on famous Vietnamese artworks. With cutting-edge technology, the platform will also help artists to protect their artworks with copyrights, bringing in greater transparency and verification. 

In it for the long term

Content streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others provide unlimited content consumption for a given subscription plan. However, NFTs are centered around transforming any piece of physical or digital art into a unique and rare collectible record on the blockchain. Therefore, the ownership and rights of these exclusive rights can be gained by the exchange on NFT marketplaces. OpenLive NFT’s Marketplace aims to foster inclusivity and authenticity by bringing the best NFT collections to the collectors on the platform. It aims to address the growing need of the billion-dollar market through its exciting product portfolio integrating payment gateways, DApp wallets, an NFT launchpad, an NFT marketplace and e-commerce platforms. It aims to expand beyond the conventional borders to bring a unique experience to creators, collectors and investors across the globe.

The platform is integrating Omnichain with its vision of revolutionizing the NFT landscape. While addressing scalability issues, network congestion and high transaction costs, OpenLiveNFT marketplace will facilitate a new paradigm that will bring significant innovations in the NFT landscape.  

OpenLiveNFT to premiere on BSC Station

The project has announced that it will be launching on the leading launchpads including BSC Station on January 13, 2022. This will be followed by listing on Pancakeswap on Jan. 15. The project has released its whitepaper and roadmap in the public domain to allow the community to understand its laser-focused vision. The team has also launched an investment cooperation fund to encourage and support early-stage NFT projects in the space. 

OpenLiveNFT has secured the investment from industry heavyweights to emerge from its crypto-cocoon and thrive for the NFT revolution. Investors also include OpenLiveNFT Ecosystem partners UFIN, AIC, STECH, FUDU Bank, J Launchpad, Meta Futures, BARMY, BSC Station, CoinPublic, F.A Capital, CG, Crypto.F Ventures, Moniwar, ZukiMoba, Cowboy Snake. OPenLiveNFT is shaping the NFT block in this financial revolution by launching its upcoming marketplace in Q2 2022. This will be a critical enabler for the NFT economy. Furthermore, it plans to launch its exclusive NFT collections in the same quarter.


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