Ownic — the platform redefining the sports trading card market — is revamping the sports collectibles field by introducing interactive collecting, allowing users to benefit from the success of their preferred athlete.

Ownic is the first licensed dynamic sports nonfungible token (NFT) platform to provide a collectible card game in which athletes’ stats and achievements throughout their careers are displayed in real-time using cutting-edge, interactive technology. The key to this is incorporating immutable data stored off-chain onto the blockchain.

In contrast to traditional digital collectibles, Ownic’s NFTs are dynamic and responsive, allowing collectors to keep up with a player’s real-time performance. Additionally, Ownic bridges the gap between the real world and online, making it possible to create a fulfilling multisport Web3 community centered on athletes and clubs.

Ownic also has a licensing deal with each athlete and team featured on each NFT. The platform relies only on Wyscout, which legally licenses all its sports data.

Ownic NFTs are used for collecting, earning, interacting and governing. The team rewards collectors for their ability to recognize potential early on and allows them to share in an athlete’s success, making for a collectible that rises in value over time. Users may increase their NFT strength, gaining access to infinite prizes and unique opportunities.

Mixed martial arts athletes and Italian Serie A/Serie B league footballers are Ownic’s first two exclusive drops. The long-term goals include expanding the team’s roster to more elite licensed athletes and implementing the NFT’s infrastructure per the road map.

The mission is to become the preeminent Web3 platform for sports collectibles, leading the way in creating an interactive collecting experience and bridging the gap between fans and athletes.

Large-name athletes have joined the squad, giving them both a large and respectable pool of potential players, such as the Juventus captain and Italian national football player, Leonardo Bonucci; Nicolo Fagioli and Marco Carnesecchi, two of the brightest rising stars of Italian Football; one of the best football clubs in Portugal, Benfica; big Ultimate Fighter Championship names like Rafael dos Anjos, Marvin Vettori and middleweight champion, Alex Pereira.

According to Jaba Dolidze, the CEO of Ownic:

“We are sports fans who want to bring athletes and fans closer together as well as enable collectors to get value for scouting and supporting athletes.”


Ownic is a licensed Web3 platform redefining the sports collectible industry by tying an athlete’s achievements to a card’s power. Ownic links the physical with the digital, moving away from the static and allowing for a rewarding multisport community built around athletes and sports clubs.

Ownic is introducing sports collectibles where an athlete’s career growth and performance are reflected on a card via our innovative, dynamic NFT tech. Ownic aims to change the game by bringing dynamism into the static world of NFTs, turning them into evolving digital assets that are part of an athlete’s journey and unlock multiple rewards.


Name: David Chikhladze

Email: david@ownic.com

Website: www.ownic.com

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia