OxyDev Network, a blockchain-as-a-service project, is making great progress to develop its cross-chain ecological network. The project is based on the Kusama and Polkadot networks.

Lately, OxyDev has received much attention from the media, communities and investment institutions. In a recent briefing with the blockchain community, OxyDev explained that it has conducted a restructuring of the development team to focus on the completion of the project. OxyDev is initiated and headed by Kamarul Zamri, a computer science graduate majoring in computer systems and networks, bringing more than 20 years of experience to the industry, and he recently participated in projects that involved Cosmos and Kusama.

“While there are some delays in the development, rest assured that the team, which consists of developers distributed in Europe, the United States, Iran and Asia, will always focus on the development of technology and the long-term development of the project and are committed to complete the project within the stipulated time frame. With the restructuring of the technical team, we will have more open and transparent communication channels between teams,” Zamri said. Currently, the European developers are taking the lead role while the Iranian team is designated to only assist in the technical documentation work of the OxyDev project and will not be involved in the core development of the project. Zamri further explained that the core team at OxyDev has always been very professional, focusing on the research and development of technology and products.

The highlight of the briefing was the update on the project’s progress over the past two months, which include but is not limited to:

  1. The technical upgrade of OxyDev’s underlying technology subscrypt framework has been completed.
  2. The design of OxyDev’s multi-role content value collaboration technology architecture is completed.
  3. The OXY-Oracle enhanced oracle product has been completed and is undergoing internal testing.
  4. The development progress of the OXY-Smart Contract group project has exceeded expectations, and the product will be delivered in late April.
  5. Kusama parachain auction technology docking is completed and waiting for the official version to be released.
  6. OxyDev’s economic model design is completed, and OYT asset issuance is in progress.

At present, the test application products deployed by the developers of OxyDev’s underlying framework subscrypt have reached more than 30, and the number is still increasing. OxyDev expects it to have reached 100+ by the end of Q2. It is noted that the core code for the project is not currently being published in GitHub. OxyDev will gradually release the codes and provide them to developers to use in due time, following the upgrade of subscrypt’s underlying framework.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for the attention to the project. We will communicate with the community through official social media such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord in the near future. I urge the community to tune in only to our official communication channels. We hope to have in-depth cooperation with the team that co-built the Polkadot/OxyDev ecosystem and continue to focus on technology research and development. The cross-chain ecology of content value assets based on Web 3.0 requires the cooperation of technology and the community to complete it together. Together, we will build the Web 3.0 ecosystem,” Zamri commented.

Moving forward, the OxyDev ecosystem will encompass many modules that include subscription management, chain bridges, token offering as well as nonfungible tokens. The roadmap of OxyDev Network will be updated in the near future, with more features to be added upon the delivery of the modules.

About OxyDev

OxyDev Network is a blockchain-as-a-service, providing cross-chain and cross-platform network of content value assets that will provide global users and/or creators with services, such as subscription for integrated management services, content copyright confirmation, content digital tokenized offering and content creation incentives. OxyDev leverages the power of the Polkadot/Substrate framework on open networks, extending further through visual open cloud platforms, API, SDK, smart contract clusters and hybrid oracle engines, which offers convenient building services for developers and/or enterprises, which will enable quick deployment of DApps offering content digital assets.