A new digital sharing economy is being built. Vyvo Smart Chain is changing how people's health data is shared and monetized by giving control and ownership back to those who should own their data and its value.

VSC is now listed on the P2B exchange.

What is Vyvo Smart Chain?

Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC Network), a newly released purpose-chain, is the first heartbeat-powered blockchain. Its HealthFi ecosystem, supported by the VSC Foundation, promotes and rewards positive lifestyle habits through health data monetization. VSC Network strongly believes that people should own their own health data and its value.

Vyvo Smart Chain ecosystem’s  Decentralized Digital Health (DDH) Platform anonymizes users’ data, fuelling medical research and scientific discoveries to create better solutions for tomorrow.

About Vyvo Coin

Vyvo Coin (VSC) is the native coin of the Vyvo Smart Chain HealthFi ecosystem. The initial distribution on the Vyvo Smart Chain network consists of 10,000,000,000 $VSC. Of the total supply, 50% of $VSC will be allocated to Staking and Mining Rewards, 15% to Investors, 12.5% to the Treasury, 10% to Ecosystem Funding, 5% to the Team, 5% to Community Private Sales, and 2.5% to Grant Funding. Ongoing distribution will follow a yearly minting and halving schedule.

Vyvo Smart Chain’s main goals:

  • Data Ownership - In stark contrast to traditional data platforms, Vyvo Smart Chain champions transparency and puts individuals in the driver's seat, granting them the ability to monetize their own data.
  • Data Privacy - Leveraging the power of blockchain, Vyvo Smart Chain delivers robust security and ensures user anonymity.
  • Data Integrity - Researchers face perennial challenges in accessing credible data. Vyvo Smart Chain empowers them to procure authenticated health data with ease.
  • Rewarded Contributions - Users are galvanized to contribute their data through a dynamic Reward System, fostering consent-driven data sharing and cultivating a rich, diverse data ecosystem.

Vyvo Smart Chain aims to bridge IoT wearable device users and data analysts through a secure blockchain infrastructure, enabling transparent data transactions between both parties.

The VSC Network HealthFi ecosystem is built on Vyvo Smart Chain, which deploys a hybrid consensus and validation protocol, Proof of Stake (PoS) + Proof-of-Sensing (PoSe) to ensure that individual health data is coming from real people via real biosensors. To start earning rewards on health data, an individual needs to add a Data-NFT to an EVM-compatible wallet and bind it to their wearable or IoT device. The proprietary VSC-PoSe chip verifies collected health data and immediately encrypts it so that only anonymized data is made available to research institutions and other healthcare entities.

To learn more about the VSC Foundation & the Vyvo ecosystem, visit Vyvo.org and Vyvo.com

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