Real Estate Token (R3T), set to change the real estate investment industry, was listed on P2B exchange — one of the largest exchanges in Europe. Listing has been started on 15 April, with trading pairs R3T/USDT and R3T/ETH.

Introducing Real Estate Token

Real Estate Token is dedicated to transforming the way people engage in real estate transactions. Employing Web3 technology makes participation in the market effortless for everyone, everywhere. Company have already invested $1.4 million in the first project in Pristina, Kosovo, and the building starts next month.

The global mission of the project is to democratize blockchain technology and introduce innovative solutions. Integrating blockchain into real estate could reduce entry barriers and increase investment prospects for small investors.

“The real estate industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with new technologies emerging that are changing how people invest. The use of cryptocurrencies in this area has radically changed the view on investing in real estate. The goal of Real Estate Token is to support the construction of several hundred residential units, hotel complexes and social facilities in Europe’s emerging markets. This will be achieved through the use of a sophisticated concept and the creation of a strong global community of supporters. By investing in R3T, individuals will have the freedom to make their own investment decisions, and can follow the construction of properties. We are happy to welcome a promising project that will change the world of real estate for the better!” — Jurgis Petrukis

Lead of the Integration of P2B Exchange


About Real Estate Token

The R3T platform is a cutting-edge, tech-based solution aimed at transforming the world of real estate ventures. This platform utilizes blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent and accessible environment for all participants involved in real estate projects.

R3T is a blockchain-based project introducing a two-token ecosystem consisting of Real Estate Token and the Ranch Token. This ecosystem has been designed to offer more benefits to token holders and make the token economy more dynamic.

The R3T platform has the following features:

  • Staking — users can earn rewards proportional to their staked amount. By choosing to stake their R3T for a selected duration, participants receive a percentage bonus on their tokens, with the additional tokens being distributed quarterly and available for trading.
  • The RT Ranch program — structured to allow users to set up their own virtual “ranch” and reap the benefits of their investments. To get involved with RT Ranch, individuals simply need to acquire R3T and utilize it to set up their virtual ranch.

The backbone of the ecosystem is R3T, a unique digital asset that offers a combination of benefits for its holders. With three key features, such as bonuses, social interest and community, R3T provides a comprehensive solution for those looking to invest in real estate and participate in the future of the industry.

This token is intended for use as a means of exchange, allowing users to trade with each other in a secure and fast manner. It also allows token holders to participate in the project’s growth and benefit from the company’s success.

Finally, R3T can be used to purchase future products offered by the Real Estate Token ecosystem. This includes NFTs, services and tools that the company plans to develop in the future. R3T serves as the currency for accessing these products and services, providing an easy and efficient way for individuals to access the benefits of the Real Estate Token ecosystem.






About P2B

The P2B cryptocurrency exchange is one of the biggest European digital asset exchanges according to CoinMarketCap’s top-10 platforms by weekly visits and top-3 fast-growing exchanges in the last three years. P2B is one of the most secure exchanges worldwide with the AA rank. It is the most trusted platform for crypto projects that enter the market to gain their first investors’ attention. P2B is the top crypto exchange by listed token variety.