Feb. 8, 2022 Katana Inu, a high end-graphics, play-to-earn (P2E) and metaverse nonfungible token (NFT) based game, has made substantial progress on its roadmap milestones and completed a record-breaking presale event that sold out in less than 43 seconds. The company has also released two cinematic trailers on YouTube with a hint of what’s to come in the metaverse. All combined, this is drawing rapt attention from investors for the project.

The platform is set to launch an NFT-sale event. These NFTs have in-game utility and will offer advantages to players wanting to jump in with the launch of the Katana Inu Metaverse. The event will take place on the platform’s website and provide prime opportunities for collectors and players. Katana Inu has also secured many investors and strategic allies, including strategic advisors BlueZilla and Master Ventures, and other partners and backers such as Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA), Fish DAO, 2Crazy NFT, Ignition (IC), Blockchain and Crypto Assets Investments and Skyman Ventures. 

The project aims to drive NFT-gaming innovation by developing unique game offerings with P2E mechanics. This approach includes the gamification of decentralized finance (DeFi) options that are part of the in-game rewards system. The company’s main goal is to combine the benefits of DeFi, NFTs and other blockchain derivatives with a robust high-end gaming platform.

Katana Inu fully integrates NFTs into its architecture and offers a wealth of options for both players and creators, including an in-house NFT marketplace. The marketplace allows for the trading and exchange of in-game assets, minted as NFTs, for Ether (ETH) or the game’s native token, KATA. Aside from in-game items, the Katana Inu NFT Marketplace is also open to digital artists who can display, sell or trade their artwork. Game profits are reinvested into the platform to grow its market capitalization.

Katana Inu has charity objectives supported by liquidity provision mechanics built into its ecosystem. The platform has already begun its charity goals with the construction of a drinking fountain project in Kibiti, Tanzania, which provides clean drinking water for an estimated 12,500 people.

The project believes it can create real-world value from the virtual world through its charity projects and has allocated a small portion of its tokenomics for this objective. 

Building on its initial successes, the Katana Inu team is pushing toward phase two of its roadmap goals, focusing on game development, updates, e-commerce integration and more partnerships to expand and drive the ecosystem. The project has received its certification from CertiK and is committed to improving its security measures with UnoRe to protect its players and platform participants from system flaws, guaranteeing the safety of investors’ funds in the ecosystem.

About Katana Inu

Katana Inu is a metaverse platform and a high-end blockchain gaming application. It offers its players innovative P2E opportunities and an immersive gaming experience. The project seeks to drive decentralization and improve awareness of the potential for blockchain technology.

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