PathDAO is creating a community driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that develops opportunities in the blockchain gaming metaverse and nonfungible token (NFT) assets. Paving the way for opportunities to uplift communities through play-to-earn (P2E) while providing asset management convenience to the wider crypto community.  

The Metaverse 

The gaming industry has been growing rapidly with many major companies hitting the stock markets at insane revenues and valuations. The blockchain gaming metaverse helps with redistributing earnings back into the participating community (instead of fully captured by the developers), allowing for a virtuous cycle of pay-to-play/own and pay-to-earn.  

This symbiotic ecosystem has been proven to work with Axie Infinity’s surge in popularity, changing the lives of many players across the Southeast Asia region and globally. More games are now mushrooming with this P2E vision, so we are just at the tip of an iceberg. PathDAO helps both retail investors and gamers alike to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Introducing PathDAO 

PathDAO was birthed with a vision to create two interlacing paths. The first path is for the masses, or retail investors seeking to navigate the blockchain gaming and NFT-scape through robust asset management. The second path is for the players, gamers and people who have lost income and livelihood during the pandemic looking for a path forward in their bleakest days. 

PathDAO is the intersection of these two Paths, amplifying value for both investors and players. 

PathDAO’s founding team is based in Southeast Asia, the epicenter of global P2E activity. The team has a strong track record in decentralized finance (DeFi), guild-building and in-game asset management, averaging around 32x return across Q3 2021 alone. 

Owning a piece of PathDAO 

At the heart of PathDAO is the native governance token PATH. These tokens are the shares of the company, and owning PATH reflects ownership of the Path Treasury. You can also be involved in governance decisions and help shape the future of PathDAO. 

The PathDAO initial DEX offering (IDO) is set for Nov. 14. 

PathDAO is offering investors leading-edge exposure to the P2E ecosystem through its upcoming IDO this week. Investors who missed out on the likes of SAND, AXS and ILV now have the opportunity to get in early on the next big opportunity. 

Valuation at entry is expected to be highly attractive versus established players such as YGG and Blackpool, with opportunity headroom estimated between 8-50x from a price-to-book ratio perspective. 

Investing in PathDAO has a secondary effect: Investors will play a huge part in uplifting communities in Southeast Asia that were affected by the pandemic through the P2E scholarships that will be established from raised funds. 

With over 150 Ether (ETH) raised in the Phase 1 community seed round over the last two weeks and more than 100 Axie scholars onboarded. Therefore, the PathDAO team is wasting no time in deploying capital. Leveraging on its large player base and spending power, PathDAO is in the middle of forging key partnerships and gaining early access to off-market deals with up-and-coming games. 

In summary, Four key reasons to participate in PATH token launch: 

  1. Gain exposure to NFTs, metaverses and P2E gaming without the need for active management (assets in this space have gone up 20x in the past six months and are expected to continue their trajectory). 
  2. Skilled management team with strong track records in investments/asset management, experience in NFT project launches and good connections in the Cryptopunk, Kongz, BAYC, Axie and other spaces. 
  3. Massively undervalued vs the likes of YGG, Blackpool and Merit Circle, with an upside of at least 8-50x its value.
  4. 100% of the money raised goes straight into the treasury instead of a portion being distributed to the founding team  

The IDO will start at 9:00 am EST, November 14. IDO ends at 9:00 am EST, November 18. 

For more information about pathDAO, visit the website or join Discord.