Cudos announced a brand new partnership with As a result of the collaboration, everyone will be able to pay for goods from leading international marketplaces using the native token CUDOS.

The news has just added the native CUDOS token as the newest payment method on their crypto shopping platform. From now on, consumers will be able to buy items from Amazon (U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, India, Japan and Brazil), eBay, Walmart and Etsy, and pay for them using CUDOS. 

Therefore, users will be able to pay for purchases from 11 international markets using CUDOS. Moreover, there will be a 2% discount at check out for the next 14 days.  

Additionally, will be giving away $500 to five customers who check out using the CUDOS token to celebrate the partnership. Essentially, each lucky winner will receive $100, and the winners we’ll be revealed in two weeks.

Reflecting on the partnership, Arbel Arif, founder and CEO of, commented, “I’m excited to see CUDOS integrated as a payment option on our platform. This will bring utility and support the improvement of our platform by providing our users with a better and more versatile experience.”

Why does it matter?

Global crypto adoption jumped over 880% in 2021, according to a Chainalysis report. Further, the analysis indicates that over 80% of merchant services transfers are small retail transactions. 

Cryptocurrency platforms' share of transfers by size


Therefore, offering crypto payment options is increasingly becoming a must-have rather than a nice-to-have for retailers. We’re delighted to provide our community with one additional practical use for our tokens. 

Beyond using the token to secure the Cudos network by staking it and receiving rewards, and joining their incentivized testnet to earn native tokens, consumers can now pay for their favorite items with CUDOS on 

How did Cudos get here?

This integration is the result of months of hard work and multiple significant partnerships preceding it. The KuCoin and AscendEX exchanges added the CUDOS/Bitcoin (BTC) trading pair in the past month alone, and CUDOS was listed on Bittrex Global. Moreover, thanks to a collaboration with Indacoin, everyone can now buy CUDOS using just their credit or debit card

By the way, if you’ve already bought your CUDOS tokens, you can make the most of them by staking them on our platform and securing our network.

"With this partnership, we’re creating a complete ecosystem. Our users can earn CUDOS with our Cudo Miner and then spend their tokens purchasing goods on Amazon, Ebay and many other retailers. We are always looking for ways to enhance our network and benefit our token holders. is perfectly positioned as the bridge between crypto and retail, and their products bring great value to the Cudos ecosystem." commented Nuno Pereira, vice president of partnerships at Cudos. 

If you’ve already bought your CUDOS tokens, you can make the most of them by staking them to secure the network and receive rewards. 

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