Pay It Now Token (PIN) has launched its new token on the Binance Smart Chain this week, seeking to provide a new opportunity for businesses to transact with their customers in the cryptocurrency space while simultaneously providing rewards for both. They have an ambitious roadmap and are already establishing their use case with some large retailers signing on to utilize the platform.

Pay It Now — Layer two blockchain solution on the BSC

The initial launch of the PIN token did see the project experience some minor hurdles with network instability, but the price and sentiment from the community have since seen a significant comeback after prices fell below the initial pre-sale value. The token price is currently steady and near the all-time-high with significant buying pressure arriving soon after these issues were addressed via an informative and transparent AMA on their community Telegram, as well as announcing serious ongoing marketing support.

What is the Pay It Now solution?

Pay It Now (PIN) is a unique layer-two solution that has been developed to reward website owners, retail outlets and their users at the same time. Their solution allows seamless payment methods and blockchain-based rewards that benefit everyone, including the PIN community. Through the simple use of self-generating QR codes, the PIN network will provide retail and website owners with their own custom-coded application that the owners can manually control or integrate with their own point of sale software.

Their loyalty system can be implemented into almost any website, and for retailers, the application can be presented on the customer's phone, who can be rewarded with PIN tokens immediately. Retailers will have the ability to scan their customer's receipts, which will then enable the customer to receive a percentage of their own purchased amounts automatically reimbursed back to them.

The benefit is more than just rewards in the form of crypto, as the Pay It Now system aims to eliminate the standard transaction fees that are typically seen when using traditional point of sale platforms. This will benefit everyone who utilizes the transactional payment gateway, all through the use of their layer-two solution and blockchain technology.

PIN tokens price recovery and bounce back

The development team's transparency when addressing the issues on launch day appeared to provide confidence in the project from the fast-growing community, with this being reflected on the chart. A series of new buys, including a 25 BNB order, came in soon after the community AMA, with the price of the token bouncing back significantly.

A marketing strategy was formulated with the support of Coinpresso, a leading crypto marketing agency that specializes in the blockchain vertical. The two teams quickly devised a plan between each other to alter the direction of the project, first by addressing the community and announcing the relationship. The announcement of this alliance further propelled the confidence and sentiment towards the project and established the long-term outlook the development team has for the future of Pay It Now.

The future for PIN

The Pay It Now team is based in New Zealand and has strong ties within the region’s local community. Their initial business outreach strategy will see them target new organizations in both New Zealand and Australia, to onboard new businesses and website owners that want to utilize the PIN network and their layer-two payment solution.

The project has already formulated a significant partnership with an award-winning retailer, The Aussie Butcher, based in New Lynn, Auckland. The business owner has already committed to using the PIN token and integrating the upcoming payment system within the retail store, to reduce transaction fees and provide additional rewards to his customers. 

The team is currently building a specialist sales team aiming to build new business relationships with retailers and website owners across the regions of Australia and New Zealand.

The Pay It Now solution is one that not only benefits the owners of retail stores and websites with reduced transaction fees but also rewards all parties including owners, their customers and the PIN community. Their blockchain-based layer-two offering is a multi-faceted approach that aims to improve on existing services nearly everyone utilizes daily, removing the burden that current standards provide. Despite a small bump in the road at the beginning, the project has an innovative and transparent team, as well as a strong use case that provides real solutions for everyone, presenting a bright future for both Pay It Now and the PIN token.



Media Contact:

Curtis Ramsay