Birmingham, United Kingdom, 26th March 2019 – CoinPayments brings cryptocurrencies to traditional eCommerce as the proud headline sponsor for Europe’s largest eCommerce event - InternetRetailing Expo 2019.

The eCommerce landscape is rapidly evolving with mobile payments on the rise amongst both retailers and buyers. An estimated trillion-dollar market by the end of 2019, mobile payments tap into more than 2 billion consumers worldwide.

Through the sponsorship of InternetRetailing Expo 2019, CoinPayments aims to educate and further the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the traditional eCommerce space. By leveraging blockchain technology, CoinPayments offers merchants a cost-efficient, secure and borderless payment option for the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms.

"The relationship between digital commerce and crypto currencies is a natural one. Both industries coexist within the same framework, which is based on providing consumers with solutions that traditional commerce and finance cannot achieve. We look forward to not only educating those who are curious about digital payments in the eCommerce arena, but to also gain perspective on how to create better solutions for the future."

- Andrew Brough, Marketing Coordinator for CoinPayments

The CoinPayments team will provide hands-on demonstrations of how to transact with cryptocurrencies, as well as providing on-site integrations/workshops for those who wish to start accepting cryptocurrencies right away for their own businesses.

If you are in the Birmingham area on April 3 or 4, 2019, then come stop by IRX 2019 and meet the CoinPayments team - it’s free for visitors!

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We hope to see you at #IRX2019!

3 & 4 April 2019

NEC, North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT, UK