At this point, everyone would be well aware of the fact that the crypto industry is hotter than ever, and that it is not slowing down anytime soon. This sector is filled to the brim with all sorts of viable projects, one of them being a blockchain platform known as Paysenger.

As such, Paysenger is getting ready to launch the EGO token, which will also serve as the platform’s official native token. The presale had already started on April 6th, 2022, is currently live  here

Why should anyone care about EGO and Paysenger?

One of the most anticipated aspects about the aforementioned EGO token is that it is ranked among the top 10 tokens of all time in addition to also being the main token that everyone is interested in on ICO Holder. ICO drops, a reliable and reputable ICO tracker, has also recommended the project in the past.

Regarding Paysenger itself, a key reason behind its success is that the platform brings back the importance of communication in this day and age, thereby making human attention a valuable resource once again. Paysenger will therefore reward users for this attention and bring the best offers to the table in a timely and effective manner. Simply put, Paysenger and the EGO token aim to simplify the very concept of blockchain and make it readily more accessible to a more mainstream and larger audience.

Past accomplishments, future goals and partnerships

Every project in this space needs to prove that it has been successful in the past in order to draw in more investors. Paysenger won the Best ICO Award for 2022 during this year’s Crypto Expo Conference that was held in Dubai not too long ago. The fact that Paysenger received this reward indicates that numerous crypto and financial entities are interested in the platform and what it can do. Furthemore, Paysenger was even chosen to co-host a highly significant event earlier on in 2022, namely the World Blockchain Summit. This event featured many top influential people, companies and businesses in the crypto and blockchain space and various top stakeholders were also present.

Paysenger’s other achievements also included the beta launch of its mobile applications, the generation of $2.5 million thanks to the seed and strategic round, having 85 experts being onboarded, and finally gaining more than 100,000 users to date. In terms of future goals, Paysenger will increase the user-base to 5 million users, have the IDO in the summer, and launch the official Paysenger mobile app before long.

About Paysenger

Paysenger is a service that enables effective communication between media influencers and their followers. There is no easy method to contact a famous artist, writer, blogger, or specialist in another profession nowadays. Paysenger addresses this problem by allowing a media influencer to register and set the price of a video call or chat session. In this way, any Internet user who feels the need for such contact can pay and schedule a time to talk or chat.

The EGO token is an internal payment method in the Paysenger ecosystem. It has already provided a nice return to the first investors, but this is merely the start as many more developments are being worked upon and Paysenger supporters have plenty to look forward to. Users may also convert media material into NFTs and keep or sell these assets on the internal marketplace in exchange for a corresponding amount of EGO tokens. For more information, visit Paysenger’s website and Twitter, Discord, Medium and Telegram channels and check out the ongoing presale as well.