PeakDeFi Launchpad is a multichain platform to connect brand new fundraising projects and investors looking for high-quality startups and projects with outstanding return-on-investment (ROI) potential, striving for:

  • The highest quality standards: Promising projects go through five stages of due diligence before they are listed, ensuring only the best projects on the market are launched on PeakDeFi.

  • Fairness: PeakDeFi provides guaranteed transparent allocation tiers for all potential investors to ensure every participating investor has an allocation spot.

  • Effectivity: Flat hierarchies and automated processes on PeakDeFi ensure the highest effectivity and efficiency throughout all stages in the on-boarding, development and final launches of all fundraising projects

About PeakDeFi

PeakDeFi is a self-funded project that provides decentralized finance (DeFi) for the community. It started in 2020 and has since established itself as an ecosystem with various Web3 products and different utilities for the PEAK token. It includes a global fund that redistributes itself automatically among the best performers through smart contracts for maximum success, as well as the most efficient multichain DeFi wallet for iOS and Android that provides direct access to nonfungible token collections, a fast decentralized app browser and staking in one mobile app.

Why choose PeakDeFi Launchpad?

The crypto market is currently overloaded with new initial decentralized exchange and initial game offering launches, which makes it difficult to filter exceptional projects with high potential ROI. PeakDeFi analyzes potential projects’ tokenomics, teams, use cases, long-term potential, finances, development steps and structures. 

The team has several years of experience in developing and launching startups in the world of crypto and decentralization. It will implement all necessary processes and infrastructure into every fundraising project, ensuring a professional and smooth project execution with solid long-term growth and development.

Upcoming projects

Projects looking for a trustworthy partner in PeakDeFi Launchpad can contact the team on its social media channels or by emailing

Here are some prospective projects that may be launching on PeakDeFi Launchpad:

  • Tangible is a tangible NFT (TNFT) marketplace that allows anyone to use cryptocurrency to purchase valuable physical goods from the world’s leading suppliers, allowing users to redeem the physical items at any time. Upon the purchase of an asset listed on Tangible, a TNFT is minted representing the physical item.

  • Bioworkerz is a play-to-earn game designed to be played on mobile platforms for now, with cross-platform ports planned for the future.

How does PeakDeFi Launchpad work?

Holding the PEAK token allows investors to participate in launchpad projects by staking, investing in the global fund or voting on any upcoming governance proposals. The fair allocation and tier system of PEAK ensures successful launches of  innovative projects on the platform. To avoid a single entity holding a large supply quantity, a fair token distribution at launch is implemented by distributing strategic, private and public sales with many different investors. All tokenholders can also actively participate to earn allocations in each fundraising project. 

PeakDeFi Launchpad’s mission is to promote highly talented teams with truly extraordinary digital assets and products. The community deserves a launchpad it can trust and an all-in-one partner for preparation, development, launches and full-scale marketing for project promotion on all significant channels.

To learn more about PeakDeFi Launchpad, visit the website.