Dogecoin (DOGE) is rumored to have a new competitor, the Pig token, based on recent predictions. The Pig token has been attracting attention due to its similarity to Dogecoin. So, what is Pig token, and what are its features? Is Pig token legitimate? What about the community supporting Pig token?

Based on information from its official website, Pig is a token based on the Binance Smart Chain, boasting a number of impressive features. It is the first token with a Black Hole design, which exponentially cuts the total supply in circulation by massive amounts. Pig combines this with an innovative auto-liquidity feature that increases the liquidity of the token rapidly. Finally, Pig has massive decentralization on a scale rarely seen in other tokens. These three features combined to produce a powerhouse token owned solely by the community. Pig also adopts a Fair Launch model where 100% of the Pig supply is seeded as liquidity, which means no presale and no allocation to its team members.

While Pig has been audited by EtherAuthority and CaptainJack, it also invites other reputable auditors to inspect it. The official Twitter account of Pig tweeted:

“A lot of people were asking us to make a white paper so we made one, which will be published on PIG’s Telegram channel soon.”

Since the launch, the Pig community has grown significantly, with over 28,000 Telegram members, over 229,000 Pig token holders and over 48,000 Twitter followers. It also has more than 57% of the supply held by the Black Hole.

For more information about Pig token, visit its website to see the token’s features.