Innovative technology-driven financial solutions provider, PINE PLATFORM, develops the PROT MasterNode Project to usher in the Next phase of CRYPTOCURRENCY.

PINE PLATFORM has continued to lead the way in the 4th Industrial Revolution, optimizing blockchain technology as the fintech company launches the PROT ecosystem. Using Pine Platform’s proprietary technology, the Root Chain Project has been developed to mount an advanced masternode compensation system named, ‘PROT Masternode Platform’. This is in addition to the establishment of a blockchain-based Research and Development institute to develop various technologies in the 4th industrial revolution. The “amazingness” of the project has gained traction from different quarters, featuring on CNBC, FOX, and ABC.

The increasing popularity and acceptance of fintech has demonstrated that consumers’ consumption patterns have shifted to mobile and customized financial services. Consequently, several fintech solutions providers have developed a plethora of products and services to address the diverse needs of consumers. The emergence of blockchain technology and its inherent features and benefits has further made it almost inevitable for individuals and businesses that are looking to survive in the 21st-century business environment. Pine Platform is, however, taking it a notch higher with the PROT Coin Consortium Fintech, providing a variety of practical financing services such as lending, big data, platform, crowdfunding, and the PROT platform, with plans to make the platform a comprehensive fintech hub.

The PROT Coin has four characteristics that distinguish it from other blockchain solutions. The features include – simplicity, security, economic efficiency, and speed, all of which are critical to the success of any fintech platform. Unfortunately, many of the other platforms besides PROT do not possess these features, which makes PROT particularly unique and beneficial. This also makes the PROT Coin an amazing investment instrument with huge potentials, particularly as it prepares to be listed on DigiFinex along with other major cryptocurrency exchanges in the upcoming months.

The simplicity of PROT using blockchain technology allows for easier and more secure payments, remittance, and warranties as opposed to the use of popular magnetic-based card payments. The methods that communicate with the core will be wrapped and provided in json format, supporting synchronous communication in conjunction with fast processing speed.

The PROT platform comes with its own main-net, which probably explains why several investors and crypto-aficionados are putting the Pine Platform in the spotlight of the blockchain industry.

More information about the PROT MasterNode Project and other innovative solutions from the PINE PLATFORM can be found on the website and the whitepaper. The PROT MasterNode Project is available across several social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.