Gamers will get to enjoy a fun gaming experience while gaining from the decentralized finance world with Pinkslip Finance. The GameFi world, a combination of gaming and DeFi, could be on the verge of a takeover with this amazing platform.

GameFi is a rapidly growing industry that converts the tedious process of making earnings via DeFi into a fun-filled activity. It satisfies the interests of gamers from various genres with a play-to-win approach. A gamer gets to enjoy their favorite game activity and ends up getting paid for that. Life hardly ever gets better than that.

Pinkslip Finance has a winning strategy that could very well sweep the industry off its feet. It is also all about fun all the way, taking the gamification of financial instruments to a whole new level.

Joining is super easy

Joining Pinkslip is quite easy. The project intends to first raise about 500 Ether (ETH) in a public sale before listing on Uniswap v2. A provision of 30% liquidity of the total amount raised from the platform would help ramp up the amount of liquidity.

After the above is finalized, one simply needs to go to Uniswap v2, find Pinkslip and buy the nonfungible token — it’s an easy process. No third parties will be contracted to add unforeseen costs or processes.

Pinkslip is not yet listed, but it’ll be sooner than one may anticipate. Its public seed sale is scheduled for Aug. 25, 2021, in under a week from the time of writing.

Earning is even easier

If you thought joining Pinkslip was a walk in the park, wait until you see how earnings are made. One only needs to play a very easy drag racing game, and it doesn’t even take long to complete it to emerge richer.

It starts by simply buying an NFT that represents a particular car. With the car in hand, or rather on screen, you race your way up to the set sweet spot, which is the staking pool. All one needs to do is relax and earn some passive income via staking.

Now every car does have a unique chance of winning, as is the case with any car racing game. Gold is the car anyone would want to go for as it has the highest chance of winning. Of course, one’s racing skills also do go a long way in helping obtain that win, and the winner takes all.

Details on the sale

The public sale will commence at 4:00 pm UTC on Aug. 25, 2021. A minimum purchase will be set at 0.1 ETH, with the maximum at 3 ETH. The exchange rate will commence at 8727 Pinkslip Finance (PSLIP) for 1 ETH, with the listing price of 1 ETH being equivalent to 7272 PSLIP.

With the possibility of all tokens being sold, 12 million tokens would be in circulation. Any unsold tokens would automatically be moved to the staking pool.

The token supply and access

The total Pinkslip token supply stands at 30 million PSLIP, which means that about 40% of the supply would be available in the large public sale. The remainder will be made available to all via staking.

The 60% balance won’t be available right away to ensure an equal chance for all to stake but will be gradually made available after a few weeks to give everyone a chance to acquire a staking pass.

A special tribute to Pincubator

There is an unsung hero in all this success — Pincubator. Simply put, the platform’s services are professional and phenomenal.

Thanks to Pincubator, a seed sale can be completed in under 24 hours, a rarity for incubation platforms. The Pinkslip Finance team is grateful and recommends Pincubator’s services.