With a festive start to the month of June, Hong Kong celebrated the Dragon Boat Carnival, also known as Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race. The 3-day event usually takes place on the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month every year. The energy and vibrant colours of the festival painted the whole month of June in colours. 

The celebrations did not end with the dragon boat festival, as the third edition of Pitcher Perfect was hosted by UCIM on the 21st of June in Hong Kong, giving the attendees yet another reason to celebrate. Pitcher Perfect carefully selected 5 startups to pitch in front of the jury panel, presenting their ideas and projects disrupting industries across the globe.

The event also hosted over 20 investment funds, industry leaders and experts, accelerators and incubators to build a high impact community where networking is seamless. The first round of pitches kickstarted the format of the event, followed by a panel discussion on ‘New Investments flowing into the markets of crypto and blockchain’, and round two of pitches. The panelists included Samson Lee from Coinstreet Partners, Bowie Lau from True Global Ventures, Association of Family Offices in Asia, Kristi Swartz from Swartz, Binnersley & Associates, and Galen Law-Kun from PwC Crypto Team who discussed about how numerous companies are using blockchain in the field of tokenizing assets and global giants entering into the crypto and blockchain investment scenario. The discussion was moderated by Anil Kudalkar, Co-Founder/Partner at MaGESpire Partners. The projects seized the opportunity to grab the attention of investors and talk more about their products through velocity meetings, and carried forward the networking over dinner and drinks. 

Adequate funding for an innovative startup is a crucial factor that makes or breaks the business, and this is where Pitcher Perfect comes in. The vision of the team is to cater to the investment needs of startups by providing them a platform where they can connect with highly influential and established industry leaders and investors. Similarly, the investors grab the opportunity to meet and potentially invest in groundbreaking products or offer strategic partnerships. The event provides a networking space to the like-minded visionaries from diverse industries and simultaneously expands the networking pool, building a stronger community.

With that in mind, Pitcher Perfect hosted some influential industry experts, angel investors like Cynthia Meng and investment funds such as True Global Venture, Coinstreet Partner, Nexchange, BlackHorse Group, Catalyst Venture, Goldford Venture, Association of Family Offices In Asia & Juwai.com, Titto & Jacob, Megaspire, Swartz, Binnersley & Associates, and Betatron. 

UCIM is looking forward to organizing more such events across the globe to bridge the gap between the prolific projects and the investment community, ultimately leading to establishing an ecosystem that nurtures and empowers every individual within it.