PixerEternity will release its PixerEternity 2022 x RVP NFT series with Robin van Persie on OpenSea platform in February 2022.


Robin van Persie posted a tweet about his agreement with PixerEternity on Feb 12, 2022.

Link: https://twitter.com/Persie_Official/status/1492423310457585664

PixerEternity is a new-generation play-to-earn blockchain game deployed on the Polygon chain that will pair famous football stars with issued game characters. Currently, PixerEternity has received in-depth support from the well-known Dutch football star Robin van Persie (RVP), who has already joined the PixerEternity ecosystem. With Persie’s full support, PixerEternity will create a football metaverse aiming to make its game the most famous football game based on blockchain technology worldwide.

The PixerEternity 2022 x RVP NFTs’ designs are inspired by Persie’s portrait. The collection includes 9,600 NFTs and will be issued and launched on OpenSea in February 2022. 

They are highly collectible and can be used as SuperStar NFTs in the PixerEternity game. Buyers on PixerEternity’s whitelist will have priority for purchasing PixerEternity 2022 x RVP NFTs. 

In the future, there will be more football superstars joining this project, establishing an all-star team and characteristic NFT designs, enhancing game playability and promoting the fan economy of traditional football superstars to create an awesome, healthy and remarkable football metaverse full of inclusiveness and fun.

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About Persie

Persie is a Dutch football coach and former professional footballer who played as a striker and was regarded as one of the best of his generation: He is the all-time top scorer for the Netherlands men’s national team. 

Van Persie made his senior debut for Feyenoord during the 2001-02 season, which culminated with victory in the 2002 Union of European Football Associations Cup Final. He was also named the Dutch Football Talent of the Year. 

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About Polygon

Polygon is a decentralized scaling platform on the Ethereum blockchain that enables developers to build scalable, user-friendly decentralized apps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing security.

Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with more than 1,200 applications hosted, about 600 million total transactions processed, approximately 60 million unique user addresses, and $5 billion in assets secured.

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