MOBA's new gaming startup is merging a slew of cutting-edge technologies into future gaming experiences, including nonfungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain, machine learning and the metaverse.

The game is set in a metaverse, a nebulous concept that some consider being the future of online interaction through computer-generated avatars that melds the physical and digital realms. Over the last month, Microsoft and Meta have presented their own metaverse-related concepts.

Zuki Moba, a decentralized blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), caught the attention of VBC, Alphamoon and OMG, who have just led a $1.4 million round. It is a blockchain-based gaming platform that combines cutting-edge technologies including NFTs, blockchain, machine learning and the metaverse.

The fresh capital will be used to combine and improve a variety of services required to build a viable esports environment, according to the press release. Through a marketing push, Zuki Moba will enhance developer skills, as well as broaden the game's global presence.

VBC (Ventures Beyond Capital), Alphamoon and OMG (Open Money Group) led Zuki Mobi's private investment round. Aka Venture, BSCStation, Cryptoera, Onebit Ventures, Binstarter, CoinLab, Jade Labs, DTS, COINCU Financial and other strategic partners participated in the private funding round. 

Play-to-earn games are increasingly gaining ground

The online gaming industry has been expanding every year, and the cryptocurrency market has made it possible for gamers to earn money from their hobby.

By the year 2023, the games industry is anticipated to have reached $200 billion. According to Newzoo, by that time, the games market will have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2% between 2019 and 2023, reaching $204.6 billion in revenue.

The most popular titles in the industry such as Fortnite and League of Legends (LOL) have amassed a huge number of players by offering a platform for gamers to earn money.

A lot of people make good living playing games like Fortnite and LOL, and now the blockchain-based MOBA Zuki Moba offers this type of platform to gamers.

Attracting the attention of gamers

Zuki Moba's play-to-earn feature provides gamers monetary incentives over other MOBA versions and will appeal to the masses. As a result of this, Zuki Moba will get worldwide attention as an upcoming esports game.

The game's architecture also has a significant advantage: It enables players to trade their own NFT tokens. This gives gamers another source of revenue and makes earning money even more pleasurable.

On Nov. 19 and 20, Zuki Moba will have an initial DEX offering (IDO) on five launchpads. According to the media release, the IDO will occur at Binstarter, BSCStation, Launchzone, KrystalGo and JLaunchpad. This will allow anybody interested in investing in Zuki Moba to purchase its native token ZUKI at its floor price. The native token ZUKI listing on PancakeSwap will take place at 3:00 pm UTC on Nov. 20.

Zuki Moba is a decentralized economy-based MOBA esport game. Characters, game items and metaverse constructions are all formed using in-game NFTs. To generate economic benefits for gamers, a play-to-earn mechanism has been implemented to provide an alternative to traditional MOBA games.

Visit Zuki Moba to learn more about the project and its detailed features.