A popular Play2Earn board game will be conducting its initial DEX offering on the leading decentralized auction platform Binstarter and Poolz as per the official announcement. Currently, the whitelisting procedures are already in progress, providing early adopters and community members with an opportunity to participate in the upcoming public sale.

The Monopolist game may sound like the ‘new kid on the blog,’ but the concept has been around for over a century. The game, which has stellar graphics and has been updated to suit modern times, is based on the Monopoly board game, the famous real estate and bestselling patented multiplayer board game. 

Created by a team of geniuses, namely Anh Nguyen (chief operating officer), Phong Thanh (chief technology officer), Michael Lee (community manager), Xuan Nguyen (game designer), and so forth. These developers are highly experienced in game design, and there's no iota of doubt that The Monopolist will turn out to be the biggest online game yet. The game is backed by several investors, such as Poolz, Oxbull, OIG, X21, Good Games, NFTb, etc.

Bridging the gap between traditional and Play2Earn board games

The Monopolist game is played by two to eight players and the aim of each player is to remain financially solvent and force opponents into selling their properties. Moreover, it is unique in every aspect. It's a play-learn-earn game that involves not only playing and earning, but also acquiring knowledge and skills required in the real world. Players progress by rolling dice to buy, trade, develop properties and collect rents. Just like the traditional Monopoly, the goal remains the same, which is to drive other players into bankruptcy.

What differentiates the Monopolist from the famous Monopoly board game is the former’s state-of-the-art design. Online games are becoming more conventional, and game makers have capitalized on this ‘new norm’ to create games that will keep players engaged. The Monopolist game has been updated to suit the needs of the current generation of players.

  • Token rewards and NFT marketplaces

The Monopolist rewards winners with the game's native MONO and MOB tokens. Winners also have the opportunity to get new characters and items that can be traded on nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces for real money. The typical Monopoly game has no form of monetary reward unless agreed upon by the game players. The Monopolist has several tournaments that are held every month with an attractive price of a thousand dollars.

  • Unique gameplay and mining farm

User-friendliness is another unique feature of the game, as it is non-discriminatory. Players from all social classes, regardless of gender or age, are welcome to play the game. The game’s ‘mining farm’ features a diverse range of crypto assets to own, from legendary characters based on prominent names in the crypto industry to medals. The more medals you earn, the higher the hash power. The game promises to be fun and worthwhile, especially for those who haven't had the opportunity to play the regular Monopoly board game.

  • Staking

Staking is another feature in the game's ecosystem. Token holders are encouraged to stake to earn higher incentive values. The various farming pools have a high APY, and you can capitalize on that to earn passively in the game.

Because it is a play-learn-earn game, players acquire the necessary knowledge of and skills in personal finance management and investments. The game teaches players to diversify their investments and understand risk management, which can help them out in the real world.

Monopolist initial Dex offering on Binstarter and Poolz

The game has a token supply of 1 billion MONO, with IDO accounting for 5% of the total supply. However, only 70% of these tokens, accounting for 35 million tokens will be distributed, as the remaining 15 million tokens will be locked until the launch day. The date of the dual IDO on Binstarter and Poolz is Oct. 31, 2021, with the whitelist processes ongoing from Oct.17.

The price of each token is $00.0075. There are several ways you can earn these tokens before the IDO, including by winning games and doing daily missions. As you collect high-ranking characters and more medals, you also earn more MONO and MOB tokens. 

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