The blockchain gaming industry is a venue for many creative minds. If you look at any strong gaming community the odds are you’ll find a solid number of content creators. All of them are eager to put in great effort into making their favorite project succeed. Their creations can vary from making discord bots or websites to 3D models, photoshop paintings, podcasts and compiling rich-in-detail analytical write-ups. However whereas content-making is a praiseworthy activity, many of its authors would like to see their labours yield tangible benefits. That’s where developers usually come into play.

0xGames, a crypto game development studio, has noted a growing trend within its community: increasingly more people started making various content over time. This has led to the conception of a program enabling such enthusiasts to be rewarded for their consistent efforts.The “back-your-favorite-creator” referral program is the team’s response that should both bring in more dapp players and let the existing content makers share in the studio’s success. The new program is active and valid for 0xUniverse, 0xWarriors and 0xRacers

But what is it exactly? Let’s have a closer look.

Any player who’s willing to help the 0xGames communities grow or has made quality contributions in the past can apply for the creator role. Describe your ways of promotion or how you can help the game communities and get a chance to receive bonuses. Remarkably, future creators don’t have to wait for approval and are free to begin attracting new players right away. However, cryptocurrency rewards will only be paid out to verified applicants.

According to 0xGames, the reward system is made up of four tiers. Each one offers different bonus percentages depending on the tier the creators are in. The team says that payouts will take place on roughly a monthly basis. Apart from that, the studio mentions a great opportunity for unique in-game content hunters: special prizes are planned to be handed out to those who surpass the $1k threshold. For one, planetary buildings - a new feature planned to be added in 0xUniverse - that you might own and, let’s say, make good use of. Although future prizes aren’t limited to the space strategy alone as 0xWarriors and 0xRacers may get their fair share of special rewards too.

If you are wondering about how you can become a verified creator, look at the following short list of some of the things you can do after you sign up.

Getting engaged in video blogs or streaming is a good start as is making art or music. Writing articles and helpful guides has always been appreciated within the 0xG communities too. Even creating special tools and assisting new players in chats may get you on board the program. Whatever path floats your creative boat.

Something to bear in mind is that creators should not only focus on bringing along new players but also on retaining them. Consistency in making content is a sure way your backers don’t choose a different favorite creator. This is a competitive scene after all.

If making extra money while creating content or helping people is something you may be interested in, 0xGames invites you to apply for the creator role and join the community on any of the three Discord channels: 0xUniverse, 0xWarriors or 0xRacers. Let your creative side flourish and get fair rewards.