Founded in late 2021, “Pocket Rockets” is an exclusive collection of 7,777 3D nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon blockchain. The team is also working on introducing Ethereum minting in the near future.

Established by a doxed team in Australia, “Pocket Rockets” is designed to bring awareness to the Pocket Network ecosystem while also delivering some interesting utility benefits to NFT holders.

Pocket is quickly becoming an essential part of crypto and Web3 infrastructure by fixing the underlying weakness of many decentralized apps (DApps) and blockchains — centralization. Despite market dominance by major centralized providers, POKT has experienced explosive growth in the last 12 months.

Pocket’s service can be described as relaying real-time data from blockchains to requesting DApps, routing through tens of thousands of individual nodes around the world. It services top chain, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Harmony and many more.

Pocket Rockets has garnered some strong early support from its community by using a portion of sales to build Pocket infrastructure nodes that receive POKT token rewards distributed to qualifying NFT holders.

Further utility includes the development of a Decentraland space station, with unique benefits to NFT holders, expected once 75% of sales are completed. “Pocket Rockets” holders will have the exclusive opportunity to vote on the design of the space station and provide valuable input as to what features they would like to see included in the development.

Pocket Rockets economics

Since launching its early-supporter list in early March of 2022, the project has distributed 15,000 POKT — or approximately $12,00 at the time of writing — for its two-week volume-weighted average price. At its minting price of 0.09 Ether (ETH), its 297 whitelist NFTs have received 18% of funds back in the first month of sales.

Pocket Rockets do not automatically entitle NFT holders to rewards and require participation to earn. Participation involves some easy-to-handle retweeting of promotional posts to provide support in marketing and the growth of the community. This mechanism also creates some interesting economic outcomes for “Pocket Rockets” holders, as rewards are only shared with those who participate. In periods of low participation, active NFT holders stand to make higher than proportionate shares of a growing POKT-reward pool. 



While the market has seen some explosive growth in the demand for the number of NFT projects out there, it is great to see a project with some well-thought-out utility benefits. Having a doxed team supporting the project is a massive green flag for anyone looking into NFTs, and with utility perks already being built and delivered, this project looks like it’s here for the long term. The project is running its second whitelist now, where one can mint a Pocket Rocket at a discount. Find out more here: