Pocketcoin (PKOIN) is a proof-of-stake token that allows authors to earn crypto for their content and protects them from arbitrary censorship through community moderation. Blockchain tracks reputation, and high-reputation users moderate the platform. PKOIN is for decentralized advertising, boosting posts, buying unique fonts and themes in Pocketnet, as well as auctioning off NFT-scarce tokens in upcoming releases. Pocketnet is a network of fully decentralized equal nodes run by users, with hundreds of nodes around the world already in operation.

Take Back the Internet with Pocketnet: Exclusive Crypto Challenge

Today, Pocketnet will announce a limited-space exclusive live event called “Take Back the Internet with Pocketnet: Exclusive Crypto Challenge.” The event will consist of four live sessions on June 10, 17, 24 and 29. Learn how Pocketnet and Pocketcoin blockchain will change the internet forever. The speakers will be Pocketnet’s core developers and surprise guests. There will be no public full recordings available from this exclusive closed-door event, so register today for the free Crypto Challenge to learn about the latest trends in decentralized internet and social media. The four sessions of the Pocketnet Live Crypto Challenge are:

Session 1: Decentralization, Blockchain, Pocketnet and Pocketcoin (PKOIN)


  • Why centralized platforms are not our friends.
  • How Pocketnet uses a censorship-resistant blockchain node to overcome the centralization problem in social media.
  • Overcoming the scalability problem in blockchains.
  • Uses of Pocketcoin (PKOIN).

Date: June 10, 2021 

Time: 10:00 am Eastern Time

Session 2

Is a Truly Decentralized Video Alternative to YouTube Possible? Pocketnet & Pocketcoin to the Rescue


  • Decentralized video alternative to YouTube in the Pocketnet ecosystem.
  • How video bloggers can earn with PKOIN.
  • Special guest bloggers with millions of subscribers (before censorship).
  • Fighting against censorship is not about politics; it is about common sense.

Date: June 17, 2021

Time: 10:00 am Eastern Time

Session 3: Is a Truly Decentralized P2P Encrypted Messaging App Possible? How to Maintain Privacy and Decentralization?


  • Why all centralized messengers are a bad idea (even Telegram and Signal).
  • Challenges with building a decentralized chat.
  • Using blockchain to derive encryption keys for the Pocketnet Chat.
  • How to receive messages offline in a decentralized platform.
  • How to seamlessly log in from new devices in Pocketnet and get contacts with message history.

Date: June 24, 2021 

Time: 10:00 am Eastern Time

Session 4: NFT-Scarce: A Revolutionary New Way to Sell Your Art and Content on Pocketnet


  • Why the current NFT model is flawed (external storage, maintenance, lack of scarcity).

  • NFT-Scarce as a smart contract auction on the Pocketnet blockchain.

  • How NFT-Scarce sales are scarce and what encryption has to do with it.

  • Selling artwork as NFT-Scarce for PKOIN.

  • Selling investment ideas as NFT-Scarce for PKOIN.

  • Selling special content as NFT-Scarce for PKOIN.

  • The big launch of NFT-Scarce and a demo.

Date: June 29, 2021

Time: 10:00 am Eastern Time

Release of the video platform and blogger crypto incentive

Pocketnet announces the release of the decentralized video platform with content creators’ rewards in Pocketcoin. Pocketnet also announces a special PKOIN incentive program for vloggers. Every 10,000 views with a minimum of 500 five-star ratings will bring the author of the video an automatic reward in PKOIN equivalent to 1,000 Tether (USDT). Bloggers should email Pocketnet with any questions about this incentive program. These rewards are in addition to the standard PKOIN rewards for high ratings on Pocketnet. A successful former youtuber could earn significantly more on Pocketnet.

Creating a decentralized video hosting platform is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Video is becoming the main medium of communication.
  2. Large providers inevitably abuse their quasi-monopoly positions by owning most of the value generated by the participants.
  3. Hosting a video and playing it on the web requires a large, fixed cost in an infrastructure that is now mostly owned directly or indirectly by the same monopolistic players.

How does Pocketnet video solve these problems? Pocketnet video uses an open-source technology called PeerTube but advances it in some important ways. Pocketnet blockchain provides a centralized coordination ledger that controls which server hosts which video, who backs up whom, and, very importantly, how servers are compensated for their services. 

About Pocketnet and Pocketcoin (PKOIN)

Many active bloggers have abandoned Big Tech’s social networks and turned their attention to Pocketnet.

Pocketcoin (PKOIN) is the native token that facilitates its proof-of-stake network, and emission is limited to 24,375,000 PKOIN. There is no pre-mine or initial coin offering, as the Pocketnet team is dedicated to the Bitcoin model of organic growth.

Download the Pocketnet white paper in English here.

Download the Pocketnet white paper in Mandarin Chinese here.

Access the Pocketnet GitHub here.

Media contacts: support@pocketnet.com

Website: https://pocketnet.app/

Work with us!

Pocketnet is expanding its team of experienced crypto programmers. Please contact core@pocketnet.app with a GitHub link.