Pocketnet and the Pocketcoin (PKOIN) proof-of-stake platform have updated white paper released in English and Mandarin, plus major trading incentive announced at BitForex.

  • The Pocketnet team released a new white paper outlining ambitious plans for further development, encrypted nonfungible tokens and decentralized social network advertising based on smart contracts. Read it in English here and in Chinese Mandarin here.
  • Pocketnet is adding thousands of users every week, creating lots of activity on the blockchain 24/7.
  • BitForex exchange announced a trading prize of 3,000 PKOIN for active traders to celebrate the listing of Pocketcoin (PKOIN), the network token of Pocketnet.

Pocketnet is a platform like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube but minus the censorship and it’s built on a Bitcoin-like foundation with an energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus. Pocketnet has also solved one of the key challenges of a censorship-resistant social media platform, which is content moderation. The network sits atop fully autonomous, decentralized nodes, and Pocketcoin, the native token, helps facilitate this censorship resistance. If you like crypto, you’re gonna love Pocketnet.

The Pocketnet team released a new white paper that lays out a new ambitious roadmap. The project is growing rapidly with thousands of new users each week and lots of activity (check out Block Explorer here: https://pocketnet.app/blockexplorer/).

The new white paper explains the background of Pocketnet and outlines an ambitious roadmap. 

Pocketnet is set to release a decentralized video platform powered by PKOIN. Pocketnet Video integrates a network of decentralized video servers. Each server can register on the Pocketnet blockchain, lock some PKOIN, and start powering the video while earning PKOIN for its work. A decentralized alternative to YouTube is very close with a whole crypto-economy built-in.

Pocketnet is close to releasing a completely new way for bloggers and artists to make money with NFT-Scarce. NFT-Scarce will allow to auction off nonfungible tokens without relying on external storage platforms such as IPFS. Pocketnet nodes have internal storage mechanisms that are closely tied and verified through hashes written to the blockchain. Pocketnet’s NFT 3.0 will also include the ability to show only the preview of the artwork so that the winner gets the encrypted copy of the full work along with a key to decrypt the NFT. For the first time ever, a truly scarce (only the winner of the action gets the NFT) is possible. Everything is done within Pocketnet with no reliance on external platforms like IPFS and no requirements to maintain the NFT outside of a blockchain platform.

Bilaxy and BitForex listings and a trading prize

Pocketcoin (PKOIN) has been recently listed on Bilaxy, rising 15x in value. Now, PKOIN is also listed on BitForex, which announced a major trading prize. Those who have the highest volume of PKOIN trading can partake in the rewards of up to 3,000 PKOIN for active traders. Get BitForex trading prize and discount announcement here.

About Pocketnet

Pocketnet is a decentralized, open-sourced, non-corporate project. It is modeled on Bitcoin and can be called the Bitcoin of social networks, with the major difference that it uses an energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm. Pocketnet is supported by a network of equal decentralized nodes with users maintaining full control of their data and content.

Pocketnet rewards node operators and all content contributors. Active users can gain a reputation and may then participate in the sophisticated content moderation system.

Many active bloggers have abandoned Big Tech’s social networks and turned their attention to Pocketnet.

Download the Pocketnet white paper in English here.

Download the Pocketnet white paper in Chinese Mandarin here.

Access the Pocketnet GitHub here.

Media contacts: support@pocketnet.com

Website: https://pocketnet.app/

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