The concept of virtual reality and cryptocurrencies is nothing new, even though it has grown to an enviable height where anyone can take advantage of the opportunities they present. A fully functional digital city comes with a lot of opportunities for urban commentators to diversify their investment portfolios. And that is why the team crypto and virtual city experts have come together to launch a project that revolutionizes the present-day virtual city. 

The project christened “PolkaCity” aims to leverage the cumulative power of decentralized finance, Polkadot and nonfungible tokens to present a formidable virtual city where people can “walk in” to invest with the aim of recouping a decent return on investment. PolkaCity has gained traction since its inception. It has been listed on several exchanges, most recently Other listings include Uniswap, Coinbase, CoinGecko, Bilaxy, Blockfolio, Delta app, CoinStats and SafePal.


PolkaCity has an NFT marketplace where investors can invest in different niches, including discotheques, hotels, restaurants, hotdog stands, taxis and car washes, among others. 

NFT marketplace and beta platform

The team at PolkaCity is working assiduously toward releasing the NFT marketplace and beta platform with 3D NFTs in a few days. With the release of the NFT marketplace and beta platform, investors and indeed all users of the PolkaCity community will have an exciting moment to invest their money for profits.


About PolkaCity

PolkaCity is a first-of-its-kind NFT, DeFi and contract-based project with overwhelming support from the virtual reality community. PolkaCity brings a viable platform where an ordinary individual can access the virtual city, invest in the city, and make passive income without cumbersome processes. Investors in the virtual city can invest in such things as taxi services, gas stations, hotels and essential services, all in one place. 

According to the team behind PolkaCity, its mission is to revolutionize the present-day virtual environment with augmented reality through the cumulative power of NFT, DeFi and Polkadot. 

Each member of the team is a force to be reckoned with as far as the crypto ecosystem is concerned. Carmelo Milian, a blockchain-powered and virtual city expert, leads the team. Milian boasts of more than 30 years experience working in different fintech brands. Other members of the team also have experience, all tailored toward incentivizing the crypto ecosystem for everyone’s benefit. 

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