Polkally is excited to announce that it will be integrating Chainlink into its nonfungible token marketplace.

With extensive research, time and development channeled into Polkally, the project prioritizes the quality of product delivery with state-of-the-art decentralized finance stacking functions, cross-chain interoperability and many more.

This integration puts Polkally’s NFT marketplace among the early protocols on Ethereum and Polkadot to leverage Chainlink oracles and provide price feeds from one cryptocurrency asset to another in real-time. This seamlessly enables Polkally to decentralize the price feeds within its peer-to-peer NFT auction marketplace.

With this new Chainlink integration, feeds are collected from various high-quality off-chain aggregators rather than a central source to avoid manipulation in the marketplace, making Polkally truly decentralized and resilient.

Price feeds from other cryptocurrencies including Polkally’s KALLY, which is the governance token of the platform, will be converted over a secure chain of ecosystems in real-time with the help of this new integration of Chainlink oracles.

Aggregates will not be governed or controlled at both the data source and oracle level, providing highly available and manipulation-resistant oracle services and making the Polkally marketplace systems stealthy.

What is Polkally?

Polkally is a robust P2P auction platform for NFTs based on the InterPlanetary File System as well as several blockchain networks that make it possible for anyone to trade art freely. Its core value is providing a truly decentralized protocol aimed at bridging technology and art enthusiasts.

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